Our Honest STX Meat Grinder Reviews for 2023!

STX Turboforce 3000 Meat Grinder

Last Updated on June 27, 2023

STX Meat Grinder Reviews for (UPDATED 2023!)

Our STX Turboforce 3000 electric meat grinder review is an answer to the need of having a meat grinder at home since they have been growing over the last few years due to the best meat grinders becoming more affordable and accessible to the non-professional home cook or chef. In fact, for some it has become a necessity in their kitchen. People love to try different recipes and variations of meat products they’d normally buy at the store.

The electric meat grinder with all its innovative features is now the premium choice for non commercial users. And the company that stands out is STX and their Turboforce 3000 brand.

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No matter whatever your needs are for having an electric meat grinder, but it certainly cannot be more than the STX-3000-MF electric meat grinder. It is because; the system has got everything that you might think about having in such a system. However, a few drawbacks are also there which we will discuss in a later section.

The STX’s Main Features…

This electric meat grinder from STX International brand is a complete system which really doesn’t make you feel you’d need any other system to fulfill your needs. The manufacturer already has sold over 80.000 STX meat grinders in the last 7 years with a customer satisfaction rate of 99.8 percent.

It comes with a locked wattage of 3000 watts. You can use it to exploit 3 distinct speed levels and a circuit breaker is also included by the manufacturer for safety purposes. It is a large electric meat grinder with a size 12 and an output diameter of 2-1/2 inches.

Apart from this, it also has a feed tube of 2 inch diameter. The system also comes with 3 numbers of grinding plates made from tempered steel, Further, 3 cutting blades of stainless steel , a beaner plate, Kubbe attachment and 3 sizes of sausage tubes are also included.

It is highly recommended not to wash any of the parts of this machine in a dishwasher. You can wash the removable parts by hand only in order to remove any food contamination. All of the STX products, including this one, has a 1 year replace or fix warranty. The warranty also includes both the parts and labors.


  • If you are looking to grind some large quantity of meat, then this machine with its immense 3000 watts of lock power and an output diameter of 2-1/2 inch will really speed up the grinding process.
  • The grinder includes 3 different sizes of stainless steel cutting blades which will allow you to grind your meat using fine, medium or coarse textures. Stainless steel is one of the best cookware materials for your kitchen.
  • It will work incredibly well with bone grinding, particularly with chicken bones. And even when your grinding bones, the grinder still doesn’t heat up, keeping your kitchen cooler while you work.
  • The 3 speed machine means that you will have a good control over the processing of meat. You can use it just as the job demands. Further, the machine at any of the speed level wouldn’t create too much of noise which could be frustrating.
  • You will get this grinder with a useful 1 year fix or replace warranty. The warranty applies on both its parts and the labor.


  • The removable parts of the machine are not found to be safe for washing in a dishwasher. It raises a few concerns about proper cleaning and the effort it requires otherwise for washing in a sink with hand.
  • Some users find that the machine requires a great bit of effort to push the meat through its feeding tube.
  • The Horsepower is a bit low and a little bit more of that would have made things much easier and better.
  • The removable parts of the machine are not found to be safe for washing in a dishwasher. It raises a few concerns about proper cleaning and the effort it requires otherwise for washing everything in a sink by hand.


The electric meat grinder is stuffed with numerous features. The 300 watt motor, 3 cutting blades, sausage attachments, Kubbe attachment and the quiet yet powerful performance is excellent. However, the issues with the effort it requires for pushing the meat through the stuffing tube and the inability to wash in a dishwasher raises concerns.


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