Our Best Shun Kaji Review for the Pampered Chef (2023 Reviews!)

Shun Kaji Knives

Last Updated on June 26, 2023

Our Best Shun Kaji Review for the Pampered Chef (2023 Reviews!)

Using a Shun Kaji knife in your kitchen is really an experience you’ll never forget. These knives are truly unlike other knives, and I consider any Shin knife to be the absolute top of the line knife and can be found in Michelin star restaurants all over the world.

Our Top Picks

Best Shun Kaji 8″ Chef’s knife: Shun Kaji Fusion
8-inch multi-purpose chef’s knife made of SG-2 powdered steel.

Best Kaji Cutlery Set Series: Shun Kanso 6-Piece Block Set
The Kanso 6-piece block features five kitchen must-haves and a beautiful block finished to match the Kanso handle.

Best Shun “Ken Onion” Knife: Shun – Ken Onion 10 Chef’s Knife
Legendary knife designer, Ken Onion, created the distinctive sweeping blade shape and comfortable ergonomic handle for this series of gorgeous knives. 

Get a Shun’s lifetime worth of warranty and make sure that you stock your kitchen with nothing but the best. Each model was designed with a special purpose. So, whatever your needs may be, know that there’s a Shun knife out there for you.

You know that you can deliver if you have the best quality in your hands. Hold the steel and feel the power between your fingers. You can slice through almost anything and chopping becomes a breeze.

[toc]Buy one and see how good it feels to hold a top quality Shun knife in your hands. And if you’re looking for other quality Shun knives other than the Kaji line, check out my article on the best Shun knives here to see all the other options that are available to choose from.

The Shun Kaji Fusion

The Kaji Fusion is what the Shun knives are known for. It belongs to the pinnacle of the company’s latest technology. The knives were designed with the Ken Onion handle design. But what makes the knife a class of its own is its SG-2 powered steel core. For the Elite series of the brand, it boasts of the Damascus VG-10 super steel.

The knives are exclusively sold to WS, but if you want to order your own set, you must know that pricing may vary. Though the cost of shipping may be added, you can also get a good deal on the knives. You just have to know where to look. Nonetheless, you will be paying for its superb quality.

A good example would be if you ordered the 7″ santoku. With tax and shipping, it could come out to a total of $270 on average, depending where you want the set delivered. With its normal pricing plus 11% for shipping, and some tax, you could even a lot. You just have to consider the incremental before you make the decision. Who knows, you could even save yourself a few dollars.

Of course, the larger sets could also mean more savings for you, it totally depends on the types of kitchen knives you’re buying. For those who love cooking and find passion in slicing meats, fruits, and vegetables, the Shun Kaji Fusion Knives may be your answer. They could last you a very long time, so you could say that you’re making a great investment. Remember, you have to always consider the quality of your purchases.

Features of the Shun Kaji Fusion Knives

  • SG-2 powdered steel for efficient chopping, slicing, and dicing
  • Comfortable and ambidextrous Pakkawood handles with samurai family crest inlay
  • NSF approved for use by professionals
  • Shun lifetime warranty
  • Pattern Damascus cladding adds to the strength and aesthetic aspects of the knives
  • Stylish, sleek, and easy to hold
  • Thin sheets of a nickel alloy and stainless steel are folded and fused together to Create true Damascus steel clad over the high-tech powdered-steel core

Shun knives have exploded in the markets everywhere, especially in the US. It has grown at a rate of 40% per year. That is a very impressive number! The demand has risen at a significant amount that the company is doubling their efforts just to double their production.

The Kaji Cutlery Series

The different sets of the Shun Kaji Fusion knives set make an excellent introduction to the cutlery series. This was developed exclusively for Williams-Sonoma by the Shun Group.

The process they took in forging the blades combines two different yet effective techniques: ancient Damascus and clad construction techniques. Thin sheets of a nickel alloy and high-carbon stainless steel are folded and welded together to create the Damascus steel. This is then clad to a powdered-steel core.

This is a labor-intensive process because it combines the benefits of three kinds of metals to form a single super sharp cutting edge. The designer behind this ingenious design is Ken Onion, a man known as the master of cutlery. His designs reveal his distinct mark in its contoured, double-rivted Pakka wood handle and bolster. The handle was positioned to make holding the knife comfortable. You will be trained to grip the knife like a professional so that you can use your tool with maximum control and reduced fatigue, a real plus for professional butchers.

Speaking of professional butchers, they too need a blade made especially to disassemble meat. Our article on the best butcher’s knives here explains more about what a butcher’s knife is and which one are your best option depending on what you’d be using it for. Check it out!

The different sets include a 3 inch paring, 5 inch utility, 7 inch hollow-ground santoku, 8 inch chef’s, 8 inch slicing, and 9 inch bread knives. These come in a honing steel and a cherrywood storage block with slots for all 11 items. This is exclusively distributed by Williams-Sonoma. The Shun brand has gained popularity mainly by the quality it offers its users. Many of its users swear by its great design. In fact, it has been dubbed as the official chef’s knife by the NSF.

Shun Classic 6-Piece Knife Set with Bamboo Block

When just one knife won’t do! This ultra-efficient six-piece set includes the three blades a typical home chef uses most: an eight-inch chef’s knife for all-around kitchen work like mincing garlic and chopping vegetables, a parer for small-scale tasks like trimming and peeling, and a utility knife for slicing meats, sandwiches, and other sundries.

The Different Shun Kaji Knives

Different Shun Kaji Knives

A little variety is good for the soul. There are actually a number of lines under the Shun label. All these fall under the Shun umbrella:

Shun Elite: This is the favorite among the customers. The entire series is a marriage of the best attributes of Japanese knives. It comes with the bolsterless design and very sharp angle at the edge. It is also made with a powdered steel blade and a very attractive and well fitting Pakka Wood handle. It can last twice as long as its equivalents. You definitely will pay for the best with this line.

Shun Pro 2: This line was actually developed a few years ago. This became the frontrunner among the other traditional styled Japanese kitchen knives. Kershaw is the parent company of Shun. They decided to bring in the Japanese quality to the US market. It also has a similar Pakka Wood handle as the Elite.

Shun Classic: This is also one of the most popular lines. The Classic series comes with an attractive Damascus pattern on the blade. The pattern closely resembles a little like wood grain. They also have D-shaped handles. This basically means that both right-handed and left-handed customers will find the grip just as comfortable. It has a polished edge that makes the knife look beautiful.

The Shun Ken Onion Knife

This is another model of Shun knives. It was designed by Ken Onion, hence the name of the line. Ken wanted to develop the very best kitchen knives completely from scratch. The design is based on ergonomics, control, and aesthetics.

The series uses the same steel as the Shun Classic. The difference lies in the shape of the blade. The blade’s spine is scooped on the top and the edge is also curved so that you can enhance the rocking motion when you chop. Plus, the handle is placed at the top of the blade to protect your knuckles when you chop on the cutting board. For the adventurous who want to try something new, this line is definitely for you.

For the past four years, the Shun Knives and cutlery tools have tremendously grown in popularity. The newer lines feature many innovative design improvements and unique features that no other brands posses. If you need to resharpen your knives, just send it over to the company so that they can do it for free. This service is exclusive for the Shun users.

You will notice that the Kershaw models of knives feature a layered steel construction so that the knives are given a razor sharp, hard knife edge that will last. The Pakka Wood D-shaped handle makes it fit in your hand better than traditional handles out in the market. You will notice that it was designed to fit your grip, no matter what hand you use for chopping. Try it and see just how amazingly efficient it is.

Shun Ken Onion 4 Inch Chef’s Knife

The smallest of the series of chef’s knives, this 4-3/8-inch size combines Shun technology and a lusciously curved black handle by award-winning custom knife designer Ken Onion.

And if you need more options, see our list of the best chef knife sets here!

Shun Kaji Chef’s Knives

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pronounce ‘Shun’?

If we were to write ‘Shun’ phonetically, we would write it out as ‘shoon’. Shun is pronounced in a way that rhymes with ‘moon.’

Are Shun Knives Any Good?

To answer the question simply, yes. Shun knives are some of the best knives on the market. They use some of the finest steel known to man, though it is important to note that not all Shun knives use the exact same type of metal.

The Shun Kaji knives use VG-10 fine-grade stainless steel, which is why they are so incredibly strong, hard, and resistant to corrosion. When you combine all of these factors together, you get a knife that stays very sharp over long periods. Even with the ultra-fine 16-degree edge that the blade comes with, it is able to retain a sharp character.

Beyond that, Shun knives are some of the most beautiful knives in the industry. While Shun was not the inventor of the Damascus blade style, which is so popular in the Japanese knife industry today, the company definitely helped to perfect it.

Shun blades are often clad with special layers of steel, all of which have been treated lightly to bring out a beautiful pattern similar to wood-grain, which alternates between light and dark. Shun is quite unique, as unlike some brands, they prioritize the balance between subtle and bold using unique marks like these.

Are Shun Kaji Knives Expensive?

Compared to the competition, Shun Kaji knives are a bit more expensive, though not by a lot. VG-10 stainless steel knives are around the same price when you look at other knives that are comparable. However, when you purchase a Shun Kaji knife, you get the Shun brand name along with it. The brand name stands for reliability and longevity.

The Shun brand is one of the most popular and recognizable brands in the knife industry. You will find Shun knives all around the world. While professional chefs sometimes often look to other brands like Wusthof, including the well-known chef Gordon Ramsay, there are plenty of professional and home chefs that consider Shun to be one of the best around.

Do Shun Knives Come With A Warranty?

Of course, Shun knives also come with incredible Shun Knife Warranty so that you can have assurance down the line if anything happens to your knife.

The warranty offered by the Shun company is top-notch. All you have to do is box up your knife and send it back to the company. They will examine the whole knife with care to decide what is wrong with it. If they need to sharpen the knife, they will sharpen it and send it back.

Thanks to the solid construction and durable steel found in Shun Kaji knives, the service is what makes up the bulk of Shun’s warranty program.

If your knife has a serious defect or damage, Shun will likely send you a brand new knife. Because of the strength and durability of Shun Kaji blades, it is pretty unlikely that you will have to take advantage of getting a brand new knife for free. However, Shun has a wonderful reputation for generosity when it comes to customer service, and they have been known to send out new knives for free in the case of potential defects.

Can You Use Shun Knives In a Professional Kitchen Setting?

Many professional chefs love using Shun knives thanks to the fact that they are light and sharp. All Shun knives are manufactured in the knife-making capital of Japan, Seki. The knives utilize Pakkawood D-Shaped handles, which are a bit different compared to traditional Japanese blades. However, many chefs find that these blades are great for extremely delicate and quick preparation techniques.

How Do I Sharpen My Shun Knives?

There are one in three ways which Kai, the Shun Kaji knife manufacturer, suggests sharpening a Shun knife;

• Sharpen using a wet stone
• Sharpen using a tabletop sharpener that can accommodate the 16% bevel, which is found on the majority of Shun knives.
• Get it sharpened professionally by the Shun company

There are many Shun knives out there that are single-beveled. If you have a single-beveled Shun knife, you should not sharpen it using a tabletop sharpener.

Where Should I Get My Shun Knives Sharpened?

The best option is to send your knives to the Shun factory and they will professionally sharpen your Shun knife for free.

While you can use a wet stone to sharpen your knife and guarantee that your knife is being sharpened to the perfect specifications, you may not have the right experience in sharpening your knife, and you don’t want to take the risk. That’s completely fine! There are plenty of professional sharpening companies out there that you can get in contact with.

If you are someone who works in a kitchen and has tons of knives to sharpen, sending your knives out locally can be the most cost-effective option. Or if you still need options, check out our list of the best knife sharpeners here and learn to do it yourself.

You can even send your knives to the Shun company to get them sharpened as well. They will know how to sharpen your Shun Kaji knife to the right specifications, taking out all of the guesswork.

How Are Shun Knives Made?

Different Shun knives are made in different ways depending on the range. Many Shun knives use a softer steel jacket that surrounds a hard steel core. The jacket can be sharpened while providing protection for the central steel core.

Some Shun knives are made with a single piece of steel that forges the blade.

Can I Throw My Shun Knives In the Dishwasher?

While you can throw your Shun knives in the dishwasher to clean them, the manufacturer highly recommends against it. Knives can be knocked about when placed in the dishwasher. When you put your knives in the dishwasher, you risk chipping them or dulling them. Some dishwashing detergents use very harsh chemicals, which can corrode the blade.

High-quality knives of any kind, even beyond Shun knives, should never be left in water for long periods, as leaving a quality knife in the water can lead to spotting or discoloration.

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