Pizzacraft Pizza Stone

The Pizzacraft Pizza Stone Will Change The Way You Look At Pizza!

I can not tell you enough good things about my new Pizzacraft Round Pizza Stone. I got it about two months ago when what I had been using for our pizzas broke. I had a baking stone from pampered chef which I used for several years. There’s truly nothing better than home made pizza with homemade fixings to go on top!

But for whatever reason I had never used it correctly and it worked well even with this amateur pizza maker, making a mess of things. But now I didn’t have anything so I needed another stone. All of a sudden I am on a whirlwind education spree to figure out which is the best one and which one to buy.

I had criteria, I wanted it to be moderately priced, heavy and thick like a real stone and I wanted it to be at least 16 inches wide, because I make two 8 inch round pizzas for my husband and I and I wanted it to cook at the same time.

Why Do I Like the Pizzacraft pizza stone so much? Well let me tell you…

fresh pizza on pizza stoneWell this Pizzacraft Round Pizza Stone met all the specifications, 16 1/2 inches, a nice thick almost 1 inch thick edge and it was heavy! Good thing I don’t have to lift it a lot.

It is also under forty dollars and qualifies for Prime free shipping if you have that, or even if you don’t it qualifies for Amazon’s thirty five dollar amount for free shipping.

That is a bonus because like I said this thing is heavy. AND as an added benefit, I didn’t have to do a thing to it. Just take it out of the box, no seasoning or getting it ready. Just use it!

Pizzacraft actually makes a lot of artisan pizza cookware, it’s kind of their thing. And if their other gear is as great at this stone, I’d have no trouble recommending that stuff too.

And there is no clean up involved. Wow, I’m really okay with that.

So You May Be Saying…

Why Even Bother With a Pizza Stone? I Have a Cookie Sheet.

I get you. I know where you are coming from. For years I didn’t use one either. In fact, I used my cookie sheet. I ruined it, but I used it. Okay here is why you should bother with this.

If you are a pizza maker, a bread maker, cookie maker or any other kind of maker, you want this.

Here’s how it works…

You put it in a cold oven. (I just keep mine in there for storage, so I don’t have to lift it at all.) then you turn your oven on and to whatever temperature you want. I use 450 degrees F if I am cooking in my regular oven and not my toaster oven. You could go all the way to 550 degrees if that is what your recipe calls for. You can use a digital thermometer to make sure the temperature is correct. Then walk away and start building your pizza.

Now to make this really easy I also got a pizza peel, you know that long handled flat thing you can put way back into a hot oven without being burned. I’ll tell you about that another time, but you can see it down below in the recommended items and I included a picture of it in photos of me making a pizza.

So anyway, I put a piece of parchment paper on my pizza peel and I form my pizza dough into two 8 inch round pizzas. put the sauce, veggies, and cheese on top or whatever toppings you love and wait for the oven to tell you it is hot enough.

Then place the peel right into the oven on to the stone and using a corner of the parchment paper and just a little jiggle of the peel those pizza’s on the parchment paper slide right off onto the hot stone. Pull the Peel back out. Close the door and cook for 11 minutes.

When it is time, slide the peel underneath the parchment paper by using a little tip of the corner slide it under those pizzas and out of the oven.

Really slick and easy. You are ready to eat!

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