Ninja Coffee Bar Review – Is it Worth the Money?

ninja coffee bar review

Last Updated on June 26, 2023

ninja coffee barOur Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews

Anybody who has been looking for the best professional coffee maker might have seen any of the Ninja series brewers.

These coffee brewers stick out from a typically low-priced brewer in that they typically come with things like a permanent filter, frother, and personalized settings to create a cup of coffee with a little personal touch.

They have mostly received good feedback from their customers, but how do these coffee brewing systems compete to other popular coffee brewers, such as espresso machines, or normal entry-level coffee brewers?

In this Ninja coffee bar review we will be looking at three of the best Ninja series coffee brewers and discuss what makes them stand out from the competition.

Since these brewers are typically a little higher priced than a normal coffee brewer, we will start by discussing why you might still find them to be reasonably priced, or why you might consider purchasing a different type of coffee machine.

In the end, it is your personal needs and budget which should be your guiding compass in determining whether or not you want to use these machines.

If you are sure that you want to purchase a Ninja coffee brewer it is important that you better understand some of the functional differences between these devices.

Before we break down each of these models, let’s first define some of the lingo that you will need to understand to make an informed purchasing decision.

What is Thermal Flavor Extraction®?

Thermal Flavor Extraction® is the patented drink selection service that allows you to choose between different flavors, such as Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Café Forte, and Specialty.

These Thermal Flavor Extractions® are deigned to produce the best possible taste for your desired drink using a separate brewing technique for each set of flavors that produces the size of drink that you want.

This is a great way to customize your coffee, and also help produce professional-quality drinks of various types that will compete with the coffee you find at your local coffee shop.

What is Auto-iQ® One Touch Intelligence?

The patented Auto-iQ® One Touch Intelligence allows you to choose your drink size in accordance with the specific brew you select.

This is a great way to ensure that you only brew a certain amount of water for your drink, and not be left with too much or too little coffee in your cup.

With this patented function, you will never be left guessing how much water you need to put into your water reservoir since the machine will take care of this for you. This is great for those
coffee makers that hook up to the water line.

Do you still need paper filters for Ninja Coffee bars?

Although each of these machines come with a permanent filter, you still have the option to use #4 cone paper filters should the need arise. It is not recommended to use both of these at the same time; either use paper filters, or the permanent filter, but not both.

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer Reviews

Now that we have a general idea on what is included with each Ninja coffee brewer, and how they differ, let’s take a more in-depth look at each of these products. After reading, you should know whether or not you want to purchase a Ninja coffee brewer, and if you do, which one you should purchase.

These reviews were written to help you make an informed decision. And if you’re looking for the best moka pot, check this out.

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF085Z Review

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF085Z Review

The Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF085Z is one of the best Ninja coffee brewers which comes equipped with a permanent filter, frother, recipe book for creating different drinks, Ninja To-Go tumbler with a lid, and the ability to brew cups of coffee to your specifications using the intuitive controls which allow you to brew coffee with a personal touch.

The model only weighs 8.6 lbs. and measures 14.88” at its longest length, making it smaller and lighter than most other top ninja coffee brewing models.

Many entry level coffee machines will brew all the water that you put into the reservoir, but one nice thing about this model is that by using the intuitive controls you can select how much coffee you want to brew and the machine will make sure that you only brew enough water into coffee for your selected drink.

The controls also allow you to select your drink to produce the best possible blend, and when used alongside the included recipe booklet, you can produce 40 different coffee recipes.


  • Small and lightweight when compared to other Ninja models
  • Stainless steel design is more durable and easier to maintain than plastic.
  • Included measuring scoop and built-in frother
  • Included 18 oz. Ninja To-Go tumbler with lid

Coffee Bar Brewer CF085Z ReviewCons

  • Only four classic brew types, and no café forte brewing
  • Serving size choices are limited when compared to other Ninja models

Typically, this is one of the more expensive ninja coffee brewers, but you also get a lot more for the extra money that you are investing.

Since it is made with stainless steel, this model looks a lot more professional and will be considerably easier to maintain than a plastic design.

It also comes with a thermal carafe, which some coffee fans might prefer over a glass carafe which is easier to break. This maker also makes a great cup of espresso.

The thermal carafe is great at holding the temperature of your drink for as long as possible while it is waiting to be poured.

Like other Ninja coffee brewing models, this machine comes equipped with a built-in frother and uses the patented Auto-iQ® One Touch Intelligence and Thermal Flavor Extraction® technologies to produce the best possible coffee with some of the latest in machine brewing technology.

However, several things to keep in mind when you purchase this model are that you will only have four different classic brew types, and the serving size choice will also be lower than some other models due the different carafe mechanism.


Price ★★★★
Quality ★★★★★
Durability ★★★★★
Features ★★★★½
Overall ★★★★½

Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System CF091 Review

Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System CF091 Review

For nearly the same price for a slightly different design, many people might prefer to purchase the Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System CF091 for an array of reasons.

This design isn’t entirely different than the other more expensive models, but it comes with a handful of features which many say makes it better than some of the more expensive models.

For example, it comes with a 50-oz. water reservoir which can be used at unique serving sizes such as “XL multi-serve,” and it also comes with most of the accessories on other models.

This design comes with the patented Ninja Auto-iQ® One Touch Intelligence and Thermal Flavor Extraction® which allow you to use a manual set of intuitive controls to select your drink size and strength, and then allow the machine to automatically pull in the exact quantity of water necessary for preparing the desired amount of coffee.

Never again will you brew extra coffee and have to waste it, thanks to these patented technologies. You can even grab some ice and make iced coffee.


  • Glass carafe and equipped warming plate will prepare and maintain your drinks
  • 50-oz. water basin is larger than similar Ninja coffee brewer models
  • Has all of the brew types and serving sizes of similar models


  • Plastic design and parts are easier to break
  • Only 20 included recipes
  • Doesn’t come with a Ninja To-Go tumbler

Another feature of this machine that you might prefer over the thermal model is the fact that this one comes equipped with a glass carafe. Since glass doesn’t conserve heat as well as a thermal carafe would, this machine is designed with a glass warming plate to ensure that you still conserve the temperature of your brewed drink.

It’s all down to personal preference in the end, but it is, nevertheless, a little less convenient to have to leave your glass carafe in the machine to preserve its temperature. With the thermal model, you can carry your carafe around without sacrificing the temperature of the drink.

For the price and features of this model, it is regardless a great option to consider if you like the Ninja brand of coffee brewers. Just keep in mind that unlike a Keurig coffee maker this machine is designed with plastic parts, so be sure to brew with care or you could end up breaking it.

Also, it’s important to note that this model only comes with 20 recipes, and it doesn’t come with a Ninja-To-Go tumbler, so it requires other accessories.

If you don’t mind the minor differences of this coffee brewer, and can properly maintain it, you will find that it produces the high-quality drinks that you expect from the Ninja brand.


Price ★★★★
Quality ★★★★★
Durability ★★★½
Features ★★★★★
Overall ★★★★

Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System Review

Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System Review

If the highest quality Ninja model for one of the lowest prices is what you are going for, take a look at the Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System.

For the same size and weight, and many of the same features that you find in the expensive Ninja coffee machine models, this coffee brewer offers a competitive price that many people with lower budgets who are considering purchasing a Ninja will love.

Best of all, you will still be able to use the patented Ninja Auto-iQ® One Touch Intelligence and Thermal Flavor Extraction® technologies which allow you to select your drink size and strength, and then use the exact amount of water you need.

One thing that makes this model stick out is that it comes with a Ninja XL Hot & Cold Tumbler, which will help you craft your coffee into a unique and one-of-a-kind experience each time; this is, of course, at least until you run out of recipes and ideas.

Since this model comes with 40 recipes, which matches those of the more expensive models, this is a competitive choice to consider if you like the Ninja brand coffee brewing technology.

Like other models, this design also comes with a hot and cold frother which will allow you to add foam and bubbles to your drink to make coffee like a professional barista.


  • Affordable enough for just about anybody looking for a Ninja coffee brewer
  • Included Ninja XL Hot & Cold Tumbler to assist with drink preparation
  • Can brew most of the different types and sizes that more expensive Ninja models can, and also comes with a frother
  • Thermal Flavor Extraction® and Auto-iQ® One Touch Intelligence technology

Coffee Bar Single-Serve System ReviewCons

  • Small water reservoir will not work for larger groups
  • Limited in the different types of brews you can select compared to other Ninja models
  • Plastic design and parts are easier to break
  • No included carafe

Of course, since this model comes at a lower price, there are a few catches.

For starters, the removable water reservoir holds only 22 oz., which will not be suitable if you are brewing for more than two or three people.

Additionally, this coffee brewer doesn’t come with a carafe; this means that you will have to use separate cups for each brew.

However, if you are just brewing for yourself, you might prefer this anyway since it means one less dish to wash before you are ready to head off to work. And there is no mess to clean up.

If you don’t mind these, this might be a good model for you.

Keep in mind that this this coffee brewer has a plastic design and accessories, so you will need to use them with a considerable amount of care to ensure your coffee machine will last for years.

Outside of all of the mentioned differences, you will find that this machine produces the same high-quality coffee you expect from Ninja, and shouldn’t be let down by purchasing a less-expensive device.


Price ★★★★★
Quality ★★★★★
Durability ★★★½
Features ★★★½
Overall ★★★★

Other accessories you might need to purchase…

Depending on which model you purchase, you might need to buy separate accessories.

For starters, none of the above models come with an included grinder. If you like purchase your coffee in beans, you will need a grinder to properly use them for this machine.

Grinders are typically very inexpensive, and won’t require you to give up much more space on your counter.

Since each Ninja coffee bar allows you to select your drink size, you might find that your old coffee cups are too big or small, and might consider purchasing new ones.

Depending on your preference, you might also consider purchasing a separate tumbler which will allow you to prepare different hot and cold coffee beverages using a personal touch.

You might also consider purchasing #4 coffee filters to use instead of the permanent plastic coffee one.

If you like espresso, you might also end up purchasing an espresso machine to assist with making different drinks.

Besides these things, all you will need to purchase with your Ninja coffee bar is the coffee to brew, and a steady supply of purified water.

What other reviews have said about these models

Most people who purchase one of these coffee machines have good things to say about them. Many people love the easy functionality and customization features of the machine.

Since it has so many different features that allow you to specially craft over 40 different drinks, the coffee you produce will be unique to your preference every day.

Reviews tend to remark that this machine will prepare coffee that will blow your mind, but there are still people who have problems with a Ninja machine.

A rare issue that Ninja models tend to develop is a leaking water reservoir, and that fixing it isn’t very easy to do. If this happens to you, there are many ways to patch a leaky container.

However, if you do not want to do these, keep in mind that getting a brand-new water reservoir from the manufacturer might not be very easy to do.

As long as you use your machine with care, and are sure to consistently clean your machine and maintain it in a good condition, you shouldn’t have to deal with this problem.


Each of these models also comes with an equipped frother and a permanent filter, which eliminates the need for paper filters. Any of them will also come with recipes (either 20 or 40) to allow you to switch up your recipe to match your personal preference.

Lastly, you will also be able to froth your beverage to add extra foam and bubbles to add a barista’s touch to each of your beverages. However, you will need to purchase a separate grinder if you buy your coffee as beans.

Depending on your preference, you might prefer the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF085Z since it comes with a thermal carafe, Ninja To-Go Tumbler, lighter and slimmer design, and 40 different recipes.

Other people might prefer the Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System CF091 since it comes with a glass carafe and equipped warming plate, slightly more brew types and sizes, and a bigger water reservoir.

Just remember that each of the benefits come at the cost of a larger and heavier design, no included Ninja To-Go Tumbler, and only 20 recipes.

People who want to cut back on the cost as much as possible might consider the Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System because is capable of doing much of what the above machines can do, along with its own features, which some people might prefer anyway.

Since this model doesn’t come equipped with a carafe, you will have to use the cup which you will drink out of to dispense your drink.

Many people might like this anyway since it gives you one less item to clean, and you still have an included tumbler for mixing. Also keep in mind that this model also has a smaller water reservoir, which means you will have to add water on a more continual basis than you would if you used one of the other models.

Ninja is overall a great brand of coffee brewing machines, and they have a pretty good reputation for people who like switching up their beverages in the morning.

Since each design comes with the patented Ninja Auto-iQ® One Touch Intelligence and Thermal Flavor Extraction® design, you will only have to press a few buttons to begin brewing coffee of different sizes and strengths using the precise quantity of water necessary for the brewing process.

In the end, with a Ninja coffee bar you will consistently have high-quality coffee matches your specific specifications.

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