Nicer Dicer Plus Review – How Nice Is It Really???

Nicer Dicer Plus Review

Last Updated on June 27, 2023

The Nicer Dicer Plus – Does It Really Dice Nicely???

The Nicer Dicer Plus – I recently watched the Nicer Dicer Plus advertised on TV. On first appearance it seems to be great time saver in the kitchen, so I set about finding out if it actually works as advertised. I researched all the mommy forums I could find, read tons of reviews, then finally bought it myself so I could see first hand nicer dicer really is.

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I was shocked by what I found.

Most people felt they wasted their money with their purchase. Others, defending the product, mentioned that the naysayers simply didn’t know how to correctly use the device.

So who is right? Well, I figured the only way to REALLY know was to purchase the Nicer Dicer and see for myself. And so that’s what I did, and the purpose of the article is to give you enough information to make your own decision, but get an actual owner’s perspective.

Background History

The Nicer Dicer Plus is an upgrade to a previous Nicer Dicer model which sold millions in Europe and the USA. The dicer is manufactured by Genius, a company based in Germany.

The device is made of plastic and stainless steel and consists of a 10 piece multi chopper. The primary benefits being speed of dicing fruit and vegetables, no mess, easy to clean, and economical use of kitchen cupboard space when stored.

Judging from the all genius nicer dicer plus videos on Youtube it is especially popular in Mexico, France and Germany, and it’s picking up momentum in the Australian market.

Don’t forget to have your say of what you think of the Nicer Dicer Plus at the end of this review.

About Genius Products Germany – Genius GmbH

Genius Products was founded in 1995 and was originally called Euro Produkt Marketing and started trading as Genius GmbH after 2001.

The company received ISO 9001 certification in 2010. Genius supplies a growing list of business partners in Europe, America, South Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Genius started broadcasting infomercials on German TV on June 2008 and this marketing model has since been adopted by it’s business partners elsewhere.

Customer Reviews And Complaints

I did some research on some forums that had real customer reviews and complaints about the Nicer Dicer Plus as well as on Amazon.

By far the biggest complaint is that blades are not strong enough for harder vegetables such as potatoes and pumpkins. This would seem like false advertising when you see the TV commercial and how easy it looks.

It’s as if they are not using any force at all and are simply opening and closing the lid to dice and chop.

They obviously softened the vegetables by lightly boiling them first.

Another issue is that you still need to chop up the vegetables into small enough shapes anyway to fit into the small hole at the top of dicer.

So what is the point, you might as well just continue using your knife and chopping board and slice the rest of the vegetable anyway? Saves washing up.

The blades are meant to be made of stainless steel but some customers have reported that they tarnish and bend over time.

For the same price you could get nice Megamix food processor instead.

Despite the advertising. It’s still a pain to clean and dry each attachment that you use.

Some people have complained that the containers do not fit properly. Please leave a comment if you found this to be true?

So did I find this to be true? Read on…

My Personal Nicer Dicer Review

Well, I have to admit, the naysayers were correct in some regards when it came to the old set. Not that this was a total piece of junk, but it isn’t as useful as the TV ads lead you to believe. I agree that the blades are flimsy. I am guessing that they are simply stamped metal blades from a sheet of metal not very thick at all. I found the dicer pretty much useless for things like carrots. But as long as you’re looking to make a salad and want lettuce, then sure, it’s fine.

2022 Update

After a few people telling me I was not using or reviewing the newer model, I decided to go ahead and purchase the newer set from Amazon and give it a try.

And yes, this is way better than the original set I purchased almost 7 years ago.

It seems that the company finally decided to create a quality product that can actually take the beating of a kitchen slicer and create a product, actually a set of products, that can last and actually do their job. I was pleasantly surprised by this.

The blades where the biggest downfall for me on the original set I had. But these newer blades are thicker and sharper. I’m not sure if they are better metal as I couldn’t find any details on what the blades are made of versus what they were originally made of when the product was first introduced.

How To Use The Nicer Dicer Plus

A lot of user complaints seem to stem from improper use of the nicer dicer plus. It seems that some people are not doing the copping motion correctly. It should be approached with a quick and fast action – like a karate chop.

This is especially true for harder vegetables such as lemons or potatoes. Also harder vegetables such as potatoes should be slightly softened by boiling them first..

Nicer Dicer Plus In Australia

Unfortunately, in Australia the Nicer Dicer Plus is only available from the TV infomercial call in number or Amazon. But, there are alternatives dicers that you can purchase from other stores. They are just as good and a lot cheaper.

The Best Alterative

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For a cheaper alternative in Australia check out Soldsmart Australia. The older dicers are less functional but a lot cheaper.

Ohki Australia have a great range of electric food processors. But, bear in mind that electric food processors do involve more cleaning and hassle than manual dicers, but there is the benefit that you don’t have to soften the harder vegetables like potatoes first by steaming them.

Nicer Dicer Plus On Amazon

Nicer Dicer Plus was only available from Genius partners who only advertise by TV Infomercials. But now it’s available from Amazon in the USA and internationally.

Make sure you check out reviews by customers on Amazon before making a decision.

Is The Nicer Dicer Plus Any Good?

Have your say. The internet is full of fake reviews.

What are your experiences with the Genius Nicer Dicer plus?

Is it good or bad?

PLEASE, only comment if you have actually purchased the product.. Positive and Negative comments about the product are welcome. Help others by giving legitimate reviews.

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