Mother’s Day Kitchen Gifts Just for Her!

Mother's Day Kitchen Gifts

Last Updated on June 26, 2023

Best Kitchen Gadgets for Mother’s Day (That She”ll Actually LOVE)

Trying to buy the best Mother’s Day gift for your Mom? Does your mom consider the kitchen her domain? Is she always looking for a new and exciting kitchen toy? Mother’s Day is coming up, and there’s nothing better for the mom who has everything than a shiny new kitchen gadget.

And by the way, we also have a great article on the best kitchen gadgets for dads here!

If she already has the slow cooker and blender, but won’t buy herself the things that you know will make her life easier, these are the perfect gifts for her. There are kitchen utensils here that are fun and practical — the best of both worlds. Take a look and see what YOUR mom needs for Mother’s Day!

Salad Dressing Mixer

I’ve been trying to eat healthier recently, and one of the best ways to do that is by eating a lot of salads. But it’s easy to forget and pile on a bunch of fatty salad dressings. I’ve been experimenting with making my own dressings — it’s so easy, and much more delicious. The salad dressing mixer would make this process so much better though — a person making dressing could make it once and then use it over and over again, instead of what I do, which is make it each time and mix it into the salad.

That works if it’s an easy recipe, but for anything more complicated, this cool kitchen tool is the perfect invention! For less than $20, you can make your mom the happiest (and healthiest!) mom.

Mini Pie Maker

All moms have regular pie pans, but even if your mother is truly a baker, she probably doesn’t have one of these mini pie makers. If your mom entertains a lot, this would be the perfect present for Mother’s Day. This great pie maker is less than $30 and will get lots of use! So easy to use, and much better than buying a pie from the store. What’s great is that you can make 4 different pies at the same time! So if your mom has picky eaters (and what mom doesn’t?), she can do separate pies for each child.

Hand Immersion Blender

A hand immersion blender is a perfect gift for a mom who likes to make soups. It’s small and compact, so it doesn’t take up too much space, but it will be used all the time. It’s one of the best presents out there — trying to put everything into a full-sized blender to blend everything works, but it’s messy and hard to manage. These immersion blenders are a perfect solution. To pick a good one, make sure the handle is long enough — shorter handles make more of a mess, and longer handles make it easier to get everything blended without ending up all over the walls.

Olive oil sprayer

This olive oil sprayer/mister is the best gift your mom didn’t know she needed. I can’t tell you how many paper towels I have used trying to get olive oil on things evenly, or gotten oil all over my hands trying to spread it on whatever I needed. She can also use this instead of buying the cans of Pam, and spray her pots and pans instead of wasting a ton by pouring. In short, the olive oil sprayer – dispenser will be used, practically every day. This kitchen gadget is less than $15 and will last her a lifetime. Every time she uses the dispenser, she will be reminded of how well you know her! It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

Donut Maker

I confess, I bought this donut maker for my daughter for her birthday, but I love it too! We get it out every couple of weeks and make new doughnuts — we can make pretty healthy donuts instead of succumbing to Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts. Those are okay for a special treat, but these are perfect for everyday! You can use a cake mix if you like, but to make it truly healthy, you can find recipes that use whole wheat flour and not nearly as much sugar. It’s a perfect weekend project for any mom and her kids, and at the end, you get to have donuts!

Kitchen Scale

There are two main reasons to own a kitchen scale. If your mom is concerned about her weight, and you think she might be sensitive to it, getting her a kitchen scale is a big no-no. However, if she likes to bake, many cooks recommend having a scale to weigh ingredients to get the best results. One of the best features of this particular scale is that it automatically deducts the weight of the container.

Pretty cool, huh? Another great feature is the company, EatSmart’s amazing customer service. According to rave reviews, one customer complained on Amazon about his batteries failing, and customer service representative called HIM the next day and replaced the entire scale. How often does that happen? For under $30, you can make your mom very happy without any worries about the product failing.

Panini Maker

How much do I love the panini maker? I love it so much. We have paninis almost every week. The kids love it, it’s a snap to use, and it makes even grilled cheeses look fancy. I never would have bought one of these for myself; it was a gift from family, but I put it to use all the time. There are plenty of books and recipes for how to make paninis, but the reality is, you can turn almost anything into a panini. I once even made meatball subs into paninis. If your mom doesn’t have one of these, you should definitely consider it as a Mother’s Day present.

Pasta Maker

This pasta machine is for the real foodie mom who already has everything. Talk about a treat! Being able to make her own pasta would be fantastic. This stainless steel pasta maker will make 4 different types of pasta, from a flat sheet for lasagna to tagliolini and regular spaghetti. It will also make fettucini. This is a great way to make sure her pasta is as healthy and delicious as possible, and she will thank you for it. There are cheaper pasta makers, but this one has the most positive reviews by far. You can’t go wrong with giving this truly cool kitchen appliance for your mom. And if you can’t afford one right now, at least get her a pizza stone. Not quite as good, but better than nothing 😉

Instant Read Thermometer

An instant read thermometer is a great gift idea. It’s cool, it’s technology that’s up to date but easy to use, and it beats having to stick a regular meat thermometer in everything and burning yourself every time you do. So save her some time, energy and burn marks with this great Mother’s day gift idea. Just make sure you dad doesn’t steal it for his BBQs.

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