Top Kitchen Gadgets for Men Revealed

kitchen gadgets for men

Last Updated on June 26, 2023

For the Man Who Loves Cooking – The Ultimate in Kitchen Gadgets

FACT: Men are notoriously hard to buy for. It’s true. Most women are happy if you buy them some slippers, nice smelling bath salts or chocolates as a gift, but men are much trickier presentees. Luckily, if the man you’re buying for loves being in the kitchen, there are some wonderful gadgets and kitchen gifts for him to keep him happy.

And if you’re looking for kitchen gifts for mom, check this out!

And don’t worry when you hear the word “gadget” that it means you have to shell out hundreds of dollars either, as I’ve rounded up some great gadgets of all price ranges. So whether your Gordon Ramsey likes baking, grilling, or something that little bit different, there is the perfect gadget gift you can be proud to give.

A Quick and Easy Veg Peeler and Slicer

Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Slicer

What’s the biggest pain in the butt when you’re in the kitchen, apart from the cleaning up afterwards? The preparation of veggies and fruit is definitely mine and I’m making the huge generalization that men are even more impatient in this department.

Who wants to spend all that time peeling and slicing before you can get to the fun business of cooking? Enter the coolest kitchen gadget to your rescue. It’s also totally affordable so makes the perfect gift all round.

Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Why is this so gift-worthy?

* It’s quick and easy to use and gives you many slicing and cutting options.
* It can cut anything you throw at it from rough and tough radishes and potatoes, to softer items like cucumber and zucchini.
* You can make vegetable spaghetti easily, but it’s also perfect for prepping veggies for stir fries and soups.
* Use it for curly fries, or use one of the other attachments for straight cuts or ribbon like slices.
* You really can’t get these kind of results by hand anyway.

And last but not least:
* The second biggest pain in the kitchen – the washing up. Many gadgets of this nature perform brilliantly but are such a pain to clean afterwards that you end up hardly using it – well this beauty is also dishwasher safe – I told you it was the perfect gift!

Best Gadget for Baking

Baking is getting so popular there are rumors it could be the next rock n roll – well it is getting seriously popular anyway! The problem is to get super professional results you really need precision scales as baking is pretty much all down to science – one half ounce either way is the difference between a wow factor success and a sinks in the middle failure. And any male baker worth his pastry chef’s hat is not going to be happy with box cake mix.

Of course these great scales are a great all rounder in the kitchen too – not just for baking.

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

These scales are so great because:

* They don’t take up acres of countertop space. In fact they are so compact you can easily stow the unit away in a drawer.
* They are highly accurate to 0.05 oz/1g increments.
* They look suitable enough for a science lab never mind a kitchen – very aesthetically pleasing to the male eye.
* Big numbers – great for the short sighted Pop, or for reading through a dusting of flour with ease.
* Use it with any bowl or plate – just use the ‘tare’ function with your chosen bowl on it and it will zero it out.
* Almost 4,000 reviews on Amazon and it has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating!

Inexpensive But Cool Kitchen Gifts for the Man In Your Life

It’s the fiddly jobs in the kitchen that make cooking that little bit less fun, so if you can find a gadget to make life easier not only does it save time but it makes cooking more enjoyable too.

Herb, Spice or Tobacco Pollen Grinder

Of course prices can fluctuate, but before I tell you why this kitchen gadget is so cool for men I should tell you that the recommended price is $30 but at time of writing is selling for less than $7! You can see the most up to date price above.

* You can grind a whole host of spices really easily and with style as the diamond teeth are razor sharp.
* It’s made of super strong aircraft grade aluminum – men love that stuff!
* The screens are very tight thanks to the magnetic closures so you don’t have to worry about spills.

Best Budget Kitchen Gadget

How good can a can opener be right? Well, we all need them and you can never have too many. You can never find them when you need them, and even then you can’t get it to work right first time – they can be so darn fiddly for a simple gadget.

Can Opener

Why is this particular can opener so good?

* Well, number one, it’s made in the USA – how often do you see that, right?
* It gets a 5 star rating on Amazon – again, how often does that happen and that’s with 158 reviews at last count. A can opener was so good it was worth that many people’s time to write a review on it!

One reviewer (Mr Metz) states: My new “Made in USA” can opener is the best hand held can opener I have ever used. From the first time you’ll notice the difference. It has a padded set of handles that feel good when squeezed, and it rolls around the lid with almost no effort at all. If you want a fine product, you should buy one of these.

Most Versatile Kitchen Gadget for Men

Most Versatile Kitchen Gadget for Men

In my experience, although men love gadgets they don’t like messing around with mixers and such that are fiddly and difficult to clean. They love a practical gadget that simply does its job. If you can throw it in the dishwasher afterwards then that’s even better. This one is the ultimate gadget as it has a bit of a powertool feel to it too; it’s guaranteed to make any man happy.

So let’s meet the most versatile gadget that your man can use in the kitchen.

KitchenAid 5 Speed Hand Blender

This immersion blender is a great choice for men because:

* The color gives it a real ‘man’ edge.
* Your man can knock up soups and sauces quickly, and without any extra messing around or washing up – so much easier than a separate blender.
* You get a range of attachments which are all housed in a toolbox.
* Stick blenders are very versatile.
* You are also supplied with a blending pitcher (with lid), and a chopper cup.
* The motor has enough power for the toughest kitchen jobs, including chopping tough items. Plus you get 5 different power levels to choose from.
* Smooth and frothy cocoa are a breeze – so you win too!
* The mixer is great for whipping up eggs in an instant thanks to one of the attachments the blender comes with.
* The name of Kitchenaid is one you can trust.

For the Man Who Loves to Grill

Whether it’s grilling in summertime, or checking on the Thanksgiving turkey there is one gadget a man just cannot do without – a thermometer. Cooking meat to perfection is all about the temperature – plus men love a gadget for any occasion and acting like a scientist who is totally in control of the situation. See our reviews on the best meat thermometers here.

CDN ProAccurate Quick-Read Thermometer

This thermometer is particularly good because:

* It has a large and easy to read display.
* Is pocket-sized and even comes with a clip, so the recipient of this gift can have it on hand whether he’s in the yard grilling, or coping with the chaos of cooking the Christmas dinner.
* It comes with a 5 year warranty – this baby is built to last (you don’t want Dad banging on about how it only worked well for a few months – and you know he’d tell you).

For the Man That Likes to Cook Healthy

For the Man That Likes to Cook Healthy

The problem is not washing salad greens, the difficulty lies in drying them. A wet spinach leaf, or a damp piece of Boston lettuce will turn limp in the bowl and dilute the dressing. Since oil and water do not mix, the oil will never cling to wet greens, instead it will pool in the bottom of the bowl, leaving your salad naked, rather than properly dressed. There are many ways to leave your greens high and dry and ready for dressing, but the most efficient technique is to use a salad spinner.

The method works because of centrifugal force. As the basket spins the greens and the water are forced from the center to the sides, the greens are trapped against the grid, while the water flies out past the greens. The gears on this salad spinner are well-integrated and there is a brake that brings the spinner to a quick halt (no need to wait until the basket stops spinning). It also has a non-skid base that keeps the basket from sliding around on your work surface.

OXO Salad Spinner

Specifically designed for comfort and function, the soft rounded pump fits in your palm and absorbs pressure while you work. The clear base is dishwasher safe and can double as a serving or storage bowl.

For Authentic Italian Cookery

This is the ultimate pasta maker for men who take their Italian food seriously. Fresh pasta dough is easy to make; it’s just the rolling! cutting and shaping that takes the time. Now it’s easy, so your Gordon can put all his efforts into making yummy pasta and great tasting sauces. And this pasta maker is the one to get – it’s the most famous pasta maker in the world no less!

Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker, Stainless Steel

* 9 position dial to regulate the thickness of the dough.
* Make fettuccine, spaghetti, flat dough sheets, and tagliolini in minutes. There are separate attachments available too to create even more pasta types so you have present ideas for birthday and Father’s Day lined up too.
* Easy to clean and simple to use.
* This is the pasta maker that many chefs in Italy use – it really is the best.

For the Man Who Likes to Cook with Oil

We all know that olive oil is not only the best in terms of flavor, but is also really healthy. However, it’s still oil and if you have too much of it, it’s still going to be bad for you. So get the best of both worlds with this cool little sprayer. Simple perhaps, but it will get used time and again.

Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer

A few tips on getting the most out of the gadget so you can show the amateur chef in your life that you really have done your research.

* First, fill it only half way. Second, if you twist the top after each use to release the pressure you can avoid clogging problems.
* Make a great alternative to fried chicken; coat the chicken in a bread crumb mixture, spray it with oil, and then bake it.

Practical But Awesome Kitchen Gadget

Vacu Vin 0981450 Wine Saver Vacuum Wine Pump

The best chili, Bolognese and sauces all have wine in them, but it’s unlikely that your male will use an entire bottle in one recipe. OK, OK so depending on the quality of the wine it’s not going to go to waste (glug, glug), but who uses the best wine to cook with anyway? Save on waste, with this cool little kitchen gadget.

Vacu Vin 0981450 Wine Saver Vacuum Wine Pump

It’s not always easy getting a cork back in the bottle (if you have ever tried this), and of course once opened the wine is not going to be at its best in a couple of weeks when you next get around to using it. This gadget works so well as it takes the excess air out of the bottle so it is now essentially ‘sealed’ – so your wine doesn’t turn to vinegar. A simple idea but works well.

* One reviewer labels this nifty little gadget as ‘amazingly simple to use and works perfectly. Simply insert one of the rubber stoppers into the open bottle of wine, place the pump over the top and pump about 5 to 6 times until you hear a distinctive “clicking” sound and you are done.’
* You also get a couple of stoppers to seal more than one bottle at a time.

Best Retro Cool Kitchen Gadget

For the Man Who Has Everything. If your man is a keen cook then chances are he may have a few of the gadgets in this guide already, but I bet he doesn’t have this one. Yep, too cool for school the retro fondue set is back – only this time it’s actually pretty cool.

Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker

* Suitable for cheese fondue, melted chocolate, soup or oil – great for most entertaining occasions from a cozy couple’s night in, to a fun and informal dinner party (it’s a great ice breaker).
* 8 color coded forks so everyone at the party gets their own.
* Temperature control so you can adjust to your recipe or personal preference.
* Dishwasher safe – always a bonus when buying gadgets for men.

Fondue is Back!
Quick Tips for Getting the Most from a Fondue Maker

* Supply a range of items to dip such as bread, cooked sausage, veggies like broccoli (I promise it’s delicious this way), apple slices, thin slices of meat.
* Cake and strawberries make great dippers for melted chocolate.
* Try caramel fondue if you get fed up of chocolate.
* Use a mix of stretchy cheeses – Emmenthal and Gruyere are great choices.
* Make your fondue stand out adding white wine, paprika, nutmeg, kirsch – or even all four.

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