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Last Updated on June 26, 2023

Grilling Accessories For Your Backyard BBQ

For some, grilling is a weekend activity to spend some “fun” time with the family and maybe even relatives. And for others, it’s an all consuming passion that must be practiced and perfected over time. But no matter what category you fall into, there’s one thing all grillers can agree on…having the right tools makes BBQing a lot more fun.

So I’ve created a list of the absolute Must Have grilling accessories and cookware below. Now these don’t need to be bought all at the same time. You can get the basics right away, and then each time you BBQ invest in another tool. And by the end of the summer you’ll be fully kitted out.


A good heavy duty spatula is recommended for all types of meats and veggies that you can cook on your grill. I have three that are just for my grills and smokers. They vary in sizes and weight mainly for different cuts of meat. Just remember, make sure they are metal (the handle can be plastic) so that you don’t melt them.


A good pair of tongs is hard to beat. From flipping chicken to rolling corn over on the grill, they are a extremely versatile tool. Just like spatulas they come in different lengths. I have a long pair that I like to use on my big grill for when I am cooking a lot of chicken and a smaller one for indoor grilling. This way I don’t have to stay leaned over the hot coals while I am flipping them over. And of course they are handy gadget when cooking in the kitchen as well.

Grill Brush

This is a must for all grills. Brush your grill after cooking when the grate is still hot and be ready for your next grilling session! The one I use has replaceable heads.

Charcoal Chimney

If you are using charcoal this is a must. No longer is lighter fluid needed! Fill your chimney up, set newspaper underneath and light the newspaper. Wait about 25 minutes (depending on the amount of charcoal) and you are good to go! No more lighter fluid to worry about!

BBQ and Grilling Accessories

Sauce Brush

Great for evenly applying sauces to various meats and getting a good even coat. I recommend using a good heavy duty silicon brush. One less worry about bristles coming off.

Grill Gloves

Great for handling large cuts of meats that are award to use a spatula on. I use mine steaks, turkeys, whole hogs, and whatever smokey meats I decide to cook at that moment. Also great for use in dunking meat in hot sauces as well.

Superfast Thermapen

As you can tell this is the only tool that I have named a brand. Most people in the competition BBQ circuit use them. The reason is for the fast reading of meat temperature. When you open the lid to your grill you are letting heat out and increasing cook times. A Thermapen will give you a reading within 3 seconds. If you do not want a Thermapen at least get a good thermometer. It is worth it’s weight in cold. Don’t guess at your internal temperature, know it!

Remote Temperature Probes

A must have for long cooks. Some only come with one probe other with two. Even if you have a temperature gauge on the lid of your cooker it is more than likely inaccurate. Nothing beats knowing your temperature at grate level, because that is where you are cooking. The remote part is nice because you can be in the yard or your house and check the temperatures. No more running back and forth to the grill to check on things worrying that you’re going to spoil your food.


A good set of knives are hard to beat. From trimming to slicing a sharp knife makes your work a lot easier. No need to spend $1200 a set, but get a few good knives that will help you in the areas. I have a 8 piece kitchen knife set that I paid about $200 for that I wouldn’t give up. Just make sure you keep them sharp and clean!

Like I said this isn’t the entire list, but things I believe that all grillers need. Depending on what you cook there may be other items you need. I have containers full of different things I use for different cooking processes. So get out there this weekend, fire up the grill and enjoy! See you next week on the back porch!

Grill charms

When you are grilling for a lot of people large amount of people and they each like their hamburgers (or any meat!) cooked a different way, it can be nearly impossible to keep track on the grill, and then you are then left with unhappy guests. If this has happened to you, I would suggest getting some Grill Charms™. Grill Charms™ are dime-sized, stainless steel charms that are placed in food before cooking. The stem holds the charm in securely even while flipping, or just moving the food around the grill. Grill Charm™ food prior to cooking to distinguish different flavors, temperatures, or to avoid health or allergy issues. They stay in before, during and after grilling so when dinner comes to the table, simply look for your Grill Charm™, and everyone knows which one is theirs.

So there’s my “Must Have” list. It’s not too long, and it doesn’t require a major investment. But all of these tools will most definitely make your grilling time a lot more fun as well as fruitful.

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