Foods That Start With the Letter L (From Lahana Sarmasi to Lobster)

Foods That Start With the Letter L

Last Updated on June 26, 2023

Top 20 Foods That Start With the Letter L

Having a rough time finding foods that begin with the letter L? If so, you came to the right place. We did the research for you and compiled a list of some of the best foods on Earth that begin with the letter L. We also have lists of food that start with the letter A, J, K, and I. So check them all out. You’ll be surprised at some of the foods people eat.

1. Lamb


While lamb is the name of a baby sheep, it is also the name of the meat that we get from domestic sheep. Sometimes, however, the meat that we get from adult sheep is referred to as mutton. Compared to mutton, lamb is typically more tender. One of the great thing about lamb is that it provides tons of nutrients, including zinc, iron, protein, and other vitamins.

While there are plenty of ways to enjoy lamb, arguably one of the most popular ways is through lamb chops. Lamb chops are delicious, tender, and popular cuts of lamb made from the ribs of the animal. Typically, lamb chops will either be cooked over a grill or barbecue to get the most flavor out of them.

2. Lady Finger


Lady Finger is another name that we’ve given to the popular green vegetable known as Okra. Okra gets the lady finger name due to the fact that it very closely resembles the finger of a human. While it is one of the top foods on the list of foods that start with L, it is also one of the top foods on this list that improves our immune system. Post-2020, having a healthy immune system is more important than ever.

If you can get your hands on some delicious ladyfingers during these times, we highly recommend enjoying them.

3. Latte

Latte starts with l

Whether you’re looking to warm yourself up on a cold winter’s day or feel refreshed on a hot summer’s day, we recommend getting yourself a latte. Lattes are one of the most popular coffee drinks on the market today, as they are very easy to make and incredibly customizable. Plus, the majority of people don’t like drinking their coffee black because of the bitter flavor.

The anatomy of a latte is quite simple, as it only includes a shot of espresso (or multiple shots) and milk (either steamed or poured cold over ice). The actual coffee content in a latte is fairly low, though combined with fresh milk, you get an aroma that is to die for. Make sure to try some different flavors in your latte while you’re at it, including hazelnut or honey.

We have a Ninja Coffee Bar review here if you want to make the best lattes ever.

4. Lemon


When life gives you lemons — well, you know how the rest goes.

Lemons are native to the southern regions of Asia. One of the most primary regions for lemons is north-eastern India. These species belong to the Rutaceae flowering plant family and come off of the Evergreen tree. As you probably know, these yellow and round fruits have a very sour taste. Even thinking about lemons will make your mouth pucker.

Lemons are often used to top off desserts, sauces, soups, and other dishes to give them a bit more flavor. Plus, when you consider the fact that they contain tons of vitamin C and other antioxidants, you can enjoy all of the health benefits of lemons as well.

Many health experts recommend starting the day with a warm glass of water and a squeezed lemon, as it can help get your digestive track running.

5. Lobster


Lobsters are some of the largest marine crustaceans around. In many places throughout America, lobsters are considered delicacies. These crustaceans have hard shells, antennas, two long eyes, and ten feet. They spend most of their lives on the floor of the ocean. If you visit many places around the world, you’ll see how many lobster recipes there are.

Of course, there are plenty of people who have never had the chance to enjoy lobster because it can be quite expensive depending on where you’re from.

6. Lahana Sarmasi

Lahana Sarmasi food

“Lahana” is the Turkish word for cabbage, though more specifically, it refers to stuffed cabbage rolls. In Turkish cuisine, Lahana Sarmasi is one of the most popular dishes. They are simple cabbage leaves that have been rolled up with minced spicy meat on the inside. Put some lemon on top and you have an incredible tasting snack.

The great thing about Lahana is that it refers to many Turkish dishes. Simply combine Lahana with other dishes or ingredients and you’ll get plenty of foods that start with the letter L. These things are great when you cook them in a slow cooker for hours at a time.

7. Lynchburg Lemonade

Lynchburg Lemonade

You hit the jackpot with this double L! Lynchburg Lemonade is a popular cocktail that is made using simple ingredients, including Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Sour Mix, Triple Sec, and Lemon-Lime soda. You can find Lynchburg lemonade under the sour family of cocktails and will typically see it served with a cherry garnish on the glass, as well as a lemon slice and tons of shaved ice.

Lynchburg lemonade is an original recipe straight out of a restaurant in Alabama. A Jack Daniels distillery sales representative learned the recipe after visiting the restaurant. One of the more interesting things about it is that the recipe was a trademark of this particular restaurant. Once Jack Daniels got a hold of it, however, the recipe spread like wildfire.

And you can even make this drink frozen! Just check out our list of the best frozen drink machines here and enjoy this famous cocktail on a hot summer’s day by the pool!

8. Lovage

Lovage is a tall, perennial plant that has many leaves with medicinal properties. While the seeds of the lovage are typically used as spices, you can consume the roots as typical vegetables. In southern European cuisine, Lovage is a very dominant food. If you look at how the lovage is prepared, you see that no part of the plant is wasted in the cooking process. The Europeans have been cultivating it for quite a long time.

Many people in Europe refer to Lovage as “sea parsley.” The stem and leaves of the lovage plant have a flavor that many people compare to celery. It is a wonderful plant for enhancing the often bland aroma of potato dishes.

9. Lime

limes starts with L

Limes may look a lot like small, green lemons, though these acidic sour fruits have a flavor and use all their own. Limes are often used in cocktails, dishes, and of course, as a chaser for a tequila shot and a little salt! Corona and lime go so well together that people have even written songs about them.

Limes aren’t all fun and games though. On the nutritional side of things, they get down to business with high traces of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and plenty of other nutrients. They have a greater number of sugars than acids compared to lemons. Similar to lemonade, you’ll also find limeade out there, which is a very popular drink for making cocktails. Limes are incredibly popular and one of the foods we simply couldn’t let this list go without.

10. Liver


While liver may not sound too delectable on its own, especially for those who haven’t had it, it is a popular dish found around the world. The liver is an organ found in both animals and humans, though it is one of the most popular foods in the cuisine of middle easterns. Many people refer to it as the mini-factory of the body due to the fact that it has so many duties it performs. Most of the livers that we consume come from animals like lamb, chicken, or cow. Livers look like regular meat, though they have a much darker color.

Chefs will often use livers in kabobs. One way to cook liver is to marinate it in hot spices and cover it in flour. It then becomes much easier to put on a kabob. One great thing about liver is that it is cheap, making it an excellent source of nutrients for those who don’t like spending a ton of money on food.

11. Liqueur


Liqueurs are simply alcoholic spirits, most of which are made from fruit. Once the fruit has been completely fermented, the alcohol content of the drink increases. With the rise in alcohol comes the unique aroma of the fruit that it was made from. Liqueurs taste delicious and are great for a number of different cocktails. More often than not, a liqueur will contain additional ingredients to give it more flavor, such as spices, herbs, sugar, and other fruits.

There are plenty of people out there who are not fans of liqueur because they believe they are too sweet. However, we feel that they just haven’t found the right one for their preferences.

12. Lentils

green Lentils

Lentils are probably one of the most popular foods on the list of foods that begin with the letter L. There are plenty of lentil types out there, including red lentils, yellow lentils, green lentils, and black lentils. Lentils have high protein content, which is one of the reasons that many people use them as a substitute for meat. If you’re thinking of going vegan or vegetarian, you should definitely consider making lentils an important part of your diet.

Some of the most famous recipes for lentils include lentil-sprout salad or lentil soup. When you make the lentil-sprout salad at home, you get a beautiful salad that would easily cost you four times as much at a typical restaurant. The majority of lentils found around the world come from two places, including Canada and India.

13. Lollipop


Lollipops are the symbol of childhood for many. They represent carefree times and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Lollipops are any ball-like candies on a stick that you lick or suck to consume. There are plenty of lollipop types out there, many of which resemble candy balls. Typically, lollipops will come with some sort of filling on the inside, like tootsie pops or candy apple popos, though many of them are made with flavored candy strips before they are formed into a round shape.

Many brands and companies will often draw pictures on the packaging of lollipops, as they are very popular among young children.

14. Lard


Lard may not have the most attractive sounding name in the world, but it is used in many dishes. Lard is a soft, half-solid fast that is made from the fatty tissues of a pig. To make lard, you must dry heat, boil, or steam the fat of a pig. While many people consider lard to be incredibly unhealthy, it can enhance the flavor of certain dishes like nothing else can. You can take lard and spread it on a piece of toast like it was warm butter.

People often use lard in fillings and sausages (see our list of the best horizontal sausage makers here), though you can also use it as a butter substitute thanks to the fact that it provides the flaky qualities everyone wants in a pastry.

15. Legume


Legumes are among the most popular foods on this list that begin with the letter L. They are part of the Leguminosae plant family and are the fruits or seeds of different plants. Legumes have a very high protein content, which is why agricultural cultivators often grow them as a substitute for meat. Similar to lentils, legumes are wonderful for vegetarians and vegans.

If you take a look at the popular Mediterranean falafel dish, you’ll see that the most important ingredient is chickpeas, which are a form of legume. While we mostly cultivate legumes for humans to consume, legumes are also fed to our animal livestock as well. A few legumes that you may have not known include lentils, clover, peanuts, peas, and, of course, chickpeas.

16. Liverwurst


In Germany, Liverwurst is one of the most popular sausage dishes around. The main difference between the liverwurst and any other sausage is the fact that the liverwurst contains liver that has been ground up. When grilled, liverwurst has quite a unique aroma. We highly recommend having a beer in hand whenever you decide to consumer liverwurst, as they pair really well together. It is a great food to prepare at a BBQ for grilling.

One tip that we can give you is that if you ever decide to visit Germany, try all of the sausages that you can find.

17. Latke


The Ashkenazi Jews have created some of the best treats around and the potato pancake they refer to as the Latke is one of them. The Hanukkah festival is one of the most important times of the year for the Jewish community and one of the most popular times for latkes. Latkes are made with potatoes, flour, onions, and other spices. To make latkes, you must grate the potatoes and onions and combine them with eggs, flour, and a variety of spices.

Once combined, you’ll get a dough-like mix that you will then cook like a pancake. Throw the pan up to high heat and pour a round-shaped batter clump into your pan to begin cooking. Just use a splatter screen so you don’t make a mess.

18. Long John Silvers

fish and chips

The Long John Silver LLC is the company that came up with the delicious fish recipe that is the Long John Silver. While Long John Silvers are actual fish, they must be dipped in batter and fried before consumption. Long John Silvers are juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, great for someone who is seeking out some fishy fast food. Plenty of people compare Long John Silvers to the traditional fish and chips dish that comes from the English, though Long John Silvers has a very specific ingredient that separates them from the rest, which is club soda.

The English use beer batter instead when making fish and chips. While Long John Silvers is a popular fish dish, it is primarily a restaurant chain. If you live in the United States, you’ve likely seen one driving along the highway.

19. Limburger Cheese

Limburger Cheese

Cheese lovers likely known about Limburger. If you don’t, now is the time to learn. Limburger is a very popular cheese with an incredibly strong smell thanks to the bacteria used to make it. One of the primary ways that people consumer Limburger cheese is on a Limburger cheese sandwich. The texture of the cheese begins changing after about three months after production. It ripens and becomes very easy to spread, just like butter.

People will often spread Limburger over rye bread and add a couple of onion slices to give it a bit more flavor. Make sure to have a strong black coffee or a Lager beer alongside you when enjoying your Limburger sandwich.

20. Lettuce


There are so many types of lettuce in the world that it would take an entirely different article for us to take you through all of them. What you probably already know is that lettuce is the main ingredient we use in a salad, though it can be used in a wide variety of other dishes. In Germany, they actually refer to lettuce as “salat” because of this.

Lettuce often contains very high amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and a considerable amount of phosphate and magnesium. When putting together a simple salad with lettuce, we highly recommend adding a few tomatoes, some spring onions, and a good dose of balsamic vinegar. There is no better snack to enjoy for lunch during the day that will keep you healthy and trim.

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