Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener Review

Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener

Last Updated on June 27, 2023

The Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener

The Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener will sharpen your knives with minimal effort. The device is simple and very easy to use. This knife sharpener attaches to any smooth surface, such as a kitchen counter, with the unique suction cup base that locks in place. Quickly swipe any knife through the sharpener and the knife is sharpened and ready to slice and dice.

Better Alternative!

Solidly built cheap knife sharpener


A tough little sharpener that is well made and should last a lifetime. This actually works really well and is perfect for any home and even a small commercial kitchen. Definitely a must have at less than $15 on Amazon right now. Less expensive and better made than the Edge of Glory in my honest opinion!

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Check out our list of the best chef knife sets to get blades that are easy to sharpen, and will hold an edge for a long time as well. You can even sharpen serrated knives, too, with the Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener.

Check out our guide here if you don’t know how to sharpen a knife?

Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener Quick Guide

What we like…

  • Easy to use
  • Compact design
  • Works on all knives
  • Safe
  • Temporarily mounts to surface

What we don’t like…

  • Not for use on lawn equipment
  • May need more than one swipe
  • Does not permanently mount
  • Only available in white with black lettering
  • Should be hand cleaned

Edge of Glory

Simple Knife Sharpening!


Although the name is great for a TV advertisement, it is not the best as far as the manufacturing goes. I’d rather pick up the AnySharp Essentials sharpener I listed above as it is a MUCH better made product.

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Surface Mounted Design

The Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener is designed so that the sharpener is mounted to a surface while you sharpen the knife. Many knife sharpeners have a hand-held design which makes you hold the sharpener with one hand and the knife with the other. This method is less safe than the surface-mounted design of the Edge of Glory because if the sharpener slips from your hand, you run the risk of slicing your hand with the knife.

With the surface-mounted design, the Edge of Glory is held in place by the suction cup base which locks, keeping the sharpener securely mounted for sharpening.

The locking suction cup design allows you to pop the handle to release the grip of the suction cups and quickly release the mount from the surface. You do not need to permanently mount the device on the counter top or wall. This means that you can pull out the knife sharpener when you need to sharpen your knives, and then store the device to on save counter space.

Works for Any Knife

You can sharpen all of your dull knives, regardless of the type of knife. The Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener works with bread knives, steak knives, paring knives, filet knives and all other types of knives in your collection. This knife sharpener is a chef’s best friend, keeping a sharpener at your fingertips while you cut, slice and dice to make that special meal.

Tungsten Carbide Teeth

The Tungsten Carbide teeth mounted inside of the sharpener allow you to quickly and safely sharpen knives by just swiping the knives over the sharpener a couple of times. Even the best Butcher knives get dull after a lot of use. The Tungsten Carbide teeth are long-lasting and ensure that the sharpener will work to sharpen any type of knife for years to come.

Instead of buying new knives and knife block when your old knives become dull and no longer effectively cut, use the Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener to bring those old knives back to life with blade edges sharper than they had when they were new.

Easy to Use

The Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener simply mounts to the counter top or any smooth surface so it is handily available when you are cooking. Place the suction cup base on a surface that is convenient to access. Press the locking lever into the “down” position to lock the device in place. When you need to quickly sharpen a knife, just swipe the blade over the sharpener a couple of times to sharpen the edge of the blade.

When you are finished with the sharpener, simply life up the locking lever and the suction cup base releases, allowing you to store the device.

The sharpener sharpens any type of knife in just seconds. The sharpener is convenient and so easy to use. Bring your dull knives back to life with the Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener.

Our Conclusion to Our Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener Review

For the price, there is simply no better sharpener available. The Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener is safe and easy to use and small enough to store anywhere.

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