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Last Updated on June 26, 2023

The Best Splatter Screens and Shields for ANY Frying Pan

Frying anything in a frying pan is guaranteed to splatter oil everywhere, likewise cooking up pasta sauce and the mess it leaves is a pain to clean. Worst of all, it’s a completely unnecessary mess!

So how to keep grease from splattering on your stove? You can buy a simple splatter screen and never have to worry about it again! They’re cheap and the ones in our list are easy to clean, and should last a lifetime if you take care of it properly.

Our Top Picks

Our Top Pick for the Best Metal 13″ Splatter Screen: Bergkoch 13″ Splatter Screen

The Runner Up Metal 13″ Splatter Screen: Bellemain 13″ Splatter Screen

The Best Silicone Splatter Screen: Beckon Ware 13″ Splatter Screen

The Runner Up Silicone Splatter Guard: Greenful Products 11″ or 13″

Frying pan splatter screens and splatter guards are designed to fit over or around your frying pan or cooking pot to keep the grease where it belongs – in the pan!

Frying potatoes, sausages, eggs, bacon etc. causes the fat to spit out over the pan leaving you with an unsightly fine spray of fat, oil and grease on your stove, but with a splatter screen frying pan cover, protect your stove and your clothes from getting splashed.

There are several different types of splatter screens on the market giving your the chance to choose the one which matches your own style and home decor. Choose from round, square, dome shaped, folding handle, metal, chrome and more.

The choice is varied but the principle remains the same, which you choose will best suit your cooking style and the type of cookware you are most likely to use it with.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a gas stove, electric or induction cooking. It’s only the food you’re cooking that matters.

Regular round splatter screens are inexpensive but in smaller kitchens the long handle can make them somewhat difficult to store.

Cooking splatter screens with folding handles are a little more expensive but are much easier to stow away in a drawer or cupboard in even the smallest kitchen.

A further alternative is to go with an all in one universal splatter screen for cooking which are designed to save space with a folding handle and by combining three sizes of splatter blocking utensil into one handy guard which makes them easier to store and easier to find later. All you need is a good auto stirring food device and you’re ready to cook for hours with no mess and no fuss.

You can also buy microwave covers to prevent food splattering everywhere in the microwave oven. These are much easier to clean up, especially since most as dishwasher friendly, than having to clean out the microwave all the time.

The Best Splatter Screen For ANY Pot or Pan

BergKoch Splatter Screen

BergKoch Splatter Screen for a 13″ Frying Pan Review

This metal splatter screen by BergKoch is loved by thousands of users because of its sturdy and functional design. This screen is circular and measures 13 inches in diameter, but is also available in 9-, 11.5-, and 15-inch sizes. The strainer is made out of stainless, rustproof 304 grade steel and extra fine mesh. The fine mesh (increased by 40%) also allows for easier cleanup. The handle is made out of heat resistant plastic, to keep your hands burn-free. This screen is advertised as catching 99% of splatter.

One of the loved features on this item are its four ‘legs’ – lifted edges – that help keep the grease off countertops/stove surfaces. One thing to note is that these legs go outside the pan (the legs are not meant to face the grease). The rim around the screen helps the item last longer and be a little more durable. One curious reviewer did a magnet test where he tested the product’s magnetism. The results showed no magnetism – indicating the item lacks the chemical that causes rusting.

This strainer is multipurpose – it can be used as a cooling rack, strainer, and steamer. This model is also affordable; the 13-inch size is about $13. Buyers appreciate that even though the strainer is a little more than others on the market, it lasts longer and functions a lot much better. Even with all these selling points, this item holds a lifetime no-questions-asked guarantee (on Amazon).

One customer attests to its functionality by sharing how it holds up as a strainer with a heavy bowl of pasta. Users also love how it is cleaned easily with soap and water and others like how it is dishwasher safe. They note how this screen is much heavier and heavy duty than some other cheaper models which are significantly flimsier. Customers love the convenient little feet and agree that the majority, if not all, splatter is contained.

The BergKoch screen is simple yet intricate with its detailed design. The little legs, the ‘v’ shaped support on the backside, and the heatproof handle with the loop at the end for hanging all combine to form the ideal splatter screen.

U.S. Kitchen Supply 13″ Splatter Screen Review

U.S. Kitchen Supply Splatter Screen

This splatter screen by U.S. Kitchen Supply is offered in a 13-inch size and costs a little under $10. It is made with professional grade stainless steel cookware materials and uses a rustproof fine wire mesh screen with a durable double thick twill weave. It also features a comfort grip handle and four legs. The four legs help keep the messes off your counter space or stove. This screen can be used for simmering hot foods, steaming veggies, draining, and cooling baked goods. U.S. Kitchen Supply is confident with their product and offers full refunds if any of their buyers are unsatisfied with the performance of this screen.

This item is dishwasher safe, and one user suggests turning it bottom side up so that upper water can drain onto it. One reviewer writes she has used the screen for a couple of years, and it has still held up, and that others she’s had does not compare to this model. One couple performed a simple olive oil test where they combined a little oil and water in a hot pan to test the splatter (not recommended). They placed a white sheet over the screen to visually analyze the residue, and the results were impressive. There were only a couple of damp spots on the white paper. While there were marks on the paper, the couple noted that big droplets – the ones that hurt and ruin clothing – were nonexistent. Furthermore, while some drops escaped, they did not have the velocity that they otherwise would have without the screen.

One big selling point for this screen is the amount of moisture it allows to escape. When using a lid, you get puddles of liquid sitting there, making it difficult for the crunchy texture you might be looking for. Users appreciate how the 13-inch size is versatile, allowing for use with smaller pan sizes a well – this allows for less clutter in the kitchen. While this screen by U.S. Kitchen Supply is the most affordable option on this list, the value and function it provides is subpar.

OXO Good Grips Splatter Screen Review

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Splatter Screen

Let’s step a notch with the OXO Good Grips stainless steel splatter screen with a folding handle. This screen is made by OXO, a company that is well known for being reliable and having an appealing line of kitchenware. Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Kohl’s among others carry a variety of OXO products. This screen can be found on Amazon from a couple of different sellers (price varying from $29).

This OXO screen is 13 inches in diameter and features a circle within a circle design – an indentation of a smaller circle at the center and two semicircles on the outer edges. This screen is like three sizes in one. The most inner groove is meant for a 7-inch pan, and the middle ones for 9-12inches, for up to 13 inches. These serve as grips that help secure the screen on different size pans – which is a huge plus. It is also made out of perforated stainless steel instead of mesh with the goal of reducing clogging of oil and grease. While the steel is perforated and firmer compared to mesh, it has a smooth finish and the holes do not get caught on items like utensils, towels, food, or even fingers!

The handle is made out of a hard plastic to prevent heated handles and for optimal comfort. Another awesome feature is that the handle is able to fold inwards. Do not worry though, when using the handle, it remains locked; you have to press down on a lever to activate the folding mechanism. This allows for more compact storage – especially valuable for those with small kitchens or limited storage space. One other essential quality of the OXO screen is that it is dishwasher safe.

The screen is a couple more ounces in weight than mesh ones, contributing to its heavy-duty label. Users love how the metal makes the item more durable and ‘less loose’ than other models. Since it is metal, they appreciate how they can be a little rougher with it while cleaning during those rushed clean up moments, plus it dries quickly. While OXO has launched a variety of popular and successful items, they have continued to improve, innovate, and develop products to fit the ever-changing needs of the world. Their durable splatter screen with the folding handle displays their dedication to improve an already simple but useful item.

K BASIX Splatter Screen 13″ Review

K BASIX Splatter Screen

The K BASIX screen is made out of extra fine stainless-steel mesh and is 13 inches in diameter. The rolled metal edge along its diameter helps hold the screen in place on pans and pots and helps hold the mesh screen securely. This item works when simmering, frying, cooling, straining, and steaming various food items. This design has four feet to help keep the countertops and stove tops gunk-free. The legs also serve to elevate the screen for cooling baked goods, such as cookies.

This screen features a silicone wrapped handle to prevent burnt hands and to help maintain a good grip. The U-shaped handle provides a sleek profile, and is convenient, as it allows for easy storage because you can hang it if need be. This handle is also lightweight, so the screen is able to balance on the pan perfectly. K BASIX offers these screens on Amazon with either a red or black handle. You can find the red one for around $12, while the black handle screen is around $18. K BASIX is confident in their product – should the buyer be unhappy with their purchase; they offer lifetime replacement or refund options.

While this screen is dishwasher safe, reviewers have noted that it is easily cleaned with dish soap and water. Others appreciate how it is rustproof. Besides the regular tasks this screen can do, some even use this screen to make popcorn, which comes out with the best consistency and texture in comparison to the unwanted chewy and tough popcorn when using a regular lid. Buyers love this item for frying up chicken legs, bacon, eggs, and potatoes. There is a general consensus from reviewers that this screen contains about 90% of splatter. Users also rave about the longevity of this K BASIX screen. K BASIX thrives in the world of kitchenware; they choose to focus on improving the lives of their customers in a realm they know is inevitable: cooking. Their splatter screen certainly has improved the lives of many as seen by large amounts of positive feedback.

Gorilla Grip Splatter Screen, 9.8 Inch Review

Gorilla Grip Splatter Screen

This splatter screen by Gorilla Grip is made by a rustproof extra fine mesh and stainless steel. This item comes in four sizes: 9.8 inches, 11.8 inches, 13 inches, and 15 inches. The prices range from $9.99 to $19.99, with the smallest size being the cheapest and the largest the priciest, respectively. You can find these on Amazon or directly from the Gorilla Grip website. Gorilla Grip likes to keep their customers happy, note that they offer a ten-year guarantee for replacements or refunds.

Onto the rest of the design: this screen is stretched tightly and held by a steel rim, and the ‘v’ design on the back gives this screen an ability to withstand warping. The handle is made of food grade thermoplastic rubber, and of course is heat resistant. The TB rubber material also helps the handle have a soft and slip-resistant grip. The Gorilla Grip screen also features the four legs to help prevent it from touching any resting surfaces. These legs are also useful for elevating the screen when you are cooling any oven baked items. The Gorilla Grip screen is fun too, the handle comes in a variety of colors: black, blue, red, gray, aqua, mint, and almond. Another useful feature of this handle is its built-in hook at the end so that you conveniently hang up when not in use.

One reviewer shares how after using 20 different models of splatter screens, the Gorilla Grip screen has been the best screen she has ever used. Customers find the design durable, hard to bend, and heavyweight in comparison to cheaper versions. They love how they can just throw it in the dishwasher without worrying about it falling apart. Buyers rave about how well the screen prevents splatter from sauces, and one even writes about how there was minimal splatter when he placed his hand directly on top of the screen (again, not recommended). It is always nice to see an established and versatile company like Gorilla Grip branch out to different home life products. They definitely prove they can excel in many areas and this splatter screen is no exception.

Homestia Grease Splatter Screen Review – Set Of 3 in 10″+11.5″+13″

The Homestia grease splatter screen is loved by many for its shielding capabilities when simmering sauces, frying bacon, or cooking burgers. This screen has a unique design because it lacks a handle. Instead of the traditional protruding handle, this item features a metal handle that folds flat, which makes it convenient for small storage spaces. Since the diameters of these screens are generally pretty large and difficult to store in cabinets, the fold down ability of this handle significantly decreases the amount of space you need to store.

Tip when in use: keep the handle in the vertical position to decrease any heat and splatter exposure and to make it more accessible.

This screen is made of 304 stainless steel, and it is also rustproof. It is tightly woven with fine mesh. Homestia offers this screen in three sizes: small (10 inches), medium (11.5 inches), and large (13 inches). Prices start at $7.99. For those customers that are particular about having exact sizing for their various pots, they offer a set of all three sizes for less than $20. While affordable, durable, and functional, Homestia encourages buyers to contact them if there are any issues arise.

As expected, reviewers appreciate how this handle frees up room in their kitchen cabinets. They are also impressed by the ability of the handle to stay cool to the touch, allowing it to be grabbed by a unmittened hand. Customers also like to take advantage of the non-plastic handle and use this screen in toaster ovens. One user took advantage of the fold down handle and creatively used this screen to keep flies away from food items when hosting an outdoor BBQ.

While one user suggested cleaning this screen by hand with a veggie brush and dish soap, others love the convenience of being able to throw this screen in the dishwasher. Homestia crafted up an out of the box design with their mesh splatter guard. They proved to have the customer in mind by providing three sizes of their screen to fit their customer’s needs.

Bellemain 13″ Splatter Screen Review

Bellemain Splatter Screen

This splatter screen by Bellemain features the classic mesh design, v backing, and an extra sturdy steel rim. It is made from an extra fine mesh weave, with 35% more mesh than other models. It is also constructed using food grade 304 stainless steel. The rim, or grease guard, helps keep the screen tight and durable. The backside of the screen has two supportive metal bars that support four small, notched feet. These legs help keep the greasy portions of the screen off counters, and also come in handy when cooling baked treats.

The handle is made out of thermoplastic rubber (TPR), which makes it heat resistant. The TPR rubber also makes this handle slip resistant, as well as more enjoyable to maneuver than steel. Another impressive quality is that while the handle is made of rubber, this screen guard can withstand oven temperatures of up to 350 degrees. Bellemain offers this screen in three sizes: 9.8, 11.8, and 13 inches. You can purchase one on Amazon for around $11.

The Bellemain splatter screen does an amazing job letting steam out, and keeping splatter in. It also doubles as a strainer, sieve, and cooling rack. The fine mesh construction helps release moisture from cooking food but will not allow food to get stuck in between the weave. This makes for easier clean up either by hand or dishwasher.

Some buyers recommend this product when you are stir-frying or heating up thick soups. One user likes to use her Bellemain guard while grilling, although she says she sees the biggest difference when pan frying pot stickers. Users also appreciate its rustproof quality. A customer shares that in comparison to her very cheap aluminum screen, not only did her Bellemain screen not rust, it was also night and day containing the big splatter “pops”. Bellemain’s company statement reveals the pride they have in producing quality items for the novice and professional chef. Whether you are one or the other, their splatter screen is meant to make your time in the kitchen a little less painful (literally).

Best silicone splatter screen

Beckon Ware Silicone Splatter Screen Review – 13-inch

Beckon Ware Silicone Splatter Screen

This screen by Beckon Ware is constructed using food grade and BPA free silicone. It is also heat-resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The Beckon Ware silicone screen is also nontoxic, and FDA approved. This multipurpose screen can be used for containing frying splatter, as a cooling mat, drain board, or strainer. The screen also features 4 built-in ballpoint edges that allow it to remain off counters and stove tops. This comes in handy when you need to flip or stir contents inside the pan but have to set the screen down for a few minutes.

The ballpoint edges also help this screen work as a trivet – a heat protector for countertops – as you can place hot pots or pans directly on top. It is offered in a 13-inch size; however, it is marketed as a universal fit. You can get this silicone screen on Amazon for a little less than $30. The seller follows Amazon’s 30-day return policy: if the buyer is unhappy with the product they can return it for a full refund.

The 5-inch handle is made of stainless steel, and it is wrapped in silicone for maximum comfort and heat protection. This handle is in the shape of a ‘U’ allowing you to easily hang up instead of stuffing it in a cabinet. Another thing buyers love about this product is how easy it is to clean. The silicone prevents the oily film that gathers on competitor modes. This makes cleaning with soapy water really easy. Users love how durable this screen is, how it holds its shape after many uses, and how it does not rust like other metal ones in the market.

Reviewers like how the holes on the screen make it easy for steam and moisture to escape, allowing minimal condensation to plop back down on the cooking food. It also makes for a great strainer; some use it to drain water from cooked pasta or washed produce. Beckon Ware designed a keeper with this 13-inch splatter screen – it’s made hundreds of customers happy and aims to provide a quality tool for your kitchen.

Greenful Products Splatter Screen Review – 11″ & 13″

Greenful Products Splatter Screen

This beautiful splatter screen by Greenful Products has an innovative design. The screen and handle cover are gray and displays the Greenful Products logo at the center. The holes around the logo are big enough to let steam and condensation out, but not big enough to let out giant droplets of fat, oil, or sauce. The splatter guard is made of silicone and also features a fold down handle. The silicone is BPA free, nontoxic, and FDA approved. This product will not stink, stain, or create smoke like other models.

Greenful Products offers this screen in a 13-inch size, for pots that are ideally less than 13 inches. It is also heat resistant for up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The metal handle is wrapped in silicone and is also heat resistant. Users love how this handle folds down and locks when extended. It also features that ‘U’ shape which allows it to be hung if you wish to. Users appreciate how it is dishwasher safe and 100% rustproof. You can grab one of these versatile splatter screens for about $25 on Amazon. Greenful Products is completely confident in their product – they offer refunds and lifetime replacements for this silicone splatter guard.

Users rave about how easy it is to clean this splatter guard. They appreciate how the screen allows steam to escape while containing the oil and grease inside the pan. A few users mentioned how they use this screen to melt cheese, or as a strainer by using it as a lid on top of boiled pasta. One user even used it on top of their deep fryer – which was significantly smaller in diameter than the screen – and was impressed by the incredible reduction of splatter. Reviewers were impressed by the ability of the splatter guard to hold its shape – one commented that the even when placed next to her barbecue, there was no warping. This screen by Greenful Products makes an excellent addition to any kitchen.

Orhem Silicone Splatter Screen Review

silicone splatter screen by Orhem

The silicone splatter screen by Orhem is nicely crafted and aesthetically pleasing. It is light gray in color and features the coveted fold down handle. The seller offers this in an 11.4-inch size and is available on Amazon for $16. The food grade silicone screen is BPA free, non-toxic, rustproof, and can withstand temperatures of up to 445 degrees Fahrenheit. The 7.5-inch handle is made of 304 stainless steel, and has silicone wrapped around it for heat proofing. The handle is also loop shaped which is perfect for hanging as well. Please note that the handle extends only when the screen is right side up.

Users like how this screen is able to withstand a little roughhousing. One reviewer liked how they were able to throw this screen in the sink without any consequential dents. Some prefer to hand wash and air dry, but others love to have the option of just throwing it in the dishwasher. The smooth texture makes all the difference when washing by hand. Users appreciate how nothing jabs and the nonexistent risk of anything to poking out.

One customer described how she was able to solve her cockroach problem with this screen. She had been an avid user of cheaply made metal screens and could never get them spotless enough. So much so, that even after soaking in hot water, the residue never really seemed to go away. With this screen, she found it easier to clean to completion, thereby eliminating her roach problem. Win!

Even with continued use, buyers love how this screen continues to hold up against the heat, oil, grease, and various sauces. This screen is useful when browning ground turkey, simmering fajitas, or grilling chicken. This 11-inch silicone screen with a folding handle is geared to that individual or family that is tired of spending a lot of time after cooking cleaning up splatters, has a small storage space, and likes their product having an eye-catching design.

Choosing A Splatter Screen

[toc]Whilst it might seem like a simple purchase to cover a simple need, there are a few things to consider when buying yourself a splatter guard for cooking.

Sure, the general idea and principle is the same from one to the next but there are a few differences between them which make them more of less suited to the task at hand depending on what you will use them for the most.

For general purpose uses a regular round splatter shield will do just fine. These come in multiple sizes from small 7 inch splatter screens up to 15 inch splatter screens and larger for big pots and pans. Manufacturers make these with various modifications which make them easier to store, more stable on the pan, easier to clean and other little things which make them generally more convenient to use.

In reality a cheap splatter guard for preventing cooking spills will do the job as well as a more expensive one, after all, it just needs to get in the way of spattering sauce and splashing oil but those extra little conveniences can make a big difference to how comfortable you are with using it.

For example, a fixed handle splatter guard is likely to be cheaper than a foldable splatter screen. If you have the space to spare then you might even find the former to feel more sturdy and therefore prefer it but if like most of us, your kitchen is already stuffed full of cooking gadgets and kitchen accessories, then you will probably be better off with a folding splatter guard.

A collapsible splatter guard is much more stowable with a folding handle which folds over onto the screen when it is not being used and is therefore much more easy to put away for storage in a drawer or slid down the side of someplace in a cupboard without having the handle poking out and getting tangled in things,

A basic splatter screen will typically be a simple round silicone or stainless steel mesh screen with a handle attached. When you take it off the pan you either have to hold it in your hand whilst you check your food, or dump it in the sink.

Put a regular splatter screen on your work surface and you will just transfer all that splashed food stuff onto the surface which was half the reason for using it in the first place!

Better examples have ‘feet’ which elevate the dirty mesh surface up an inch so you are not transferring all that splashed food onto the surfaces you were guarding against getting splashed in the first place.

You might also prefer an all-in-one solution which features a variety of different sizes of mesh cover combined into one guard.

These are basically one large splatter screen guard with smaller concentric rings underneath which fit snugly over or inside the rim of frying pans of varying sizes.

These save space and may be a cheaper option than buying multiple different sized splatter covers. These may also have folding handles to be even more compact and easily stored,

The material type used is, I feel, much of a muchness. Most use stainless steel mesh which is rust resistant and allows you to see your food simmering through the wire mesh rather than obscuring it under a solid lid.

You can also find a silicone splatter screen if you prefer which are easier to clean but harder to see the progress of your food as it cooks because they have regularly spaced holes rather than a fine mesh.

As you can see there are quite a variety of different things to consider when buying one of these so if you were wondering why this model might cost five bucks compared to this twenty dollar option, you can see where the differences lie.

For a relatively small price difference you actually get quite a bit of extra functionality. Things like standing feet and folding handles might not seem worth the extra dollars now but when you actually come to use the product, they make a big, big difference which really justifies those extra dollars.

Round Splatter Screens For Frying Pans and Regular Saucepans

Most of the cooking people do is in a regular round frying pan or saucepan so it makes sense to buy a circular splatter guard too. Round splash screens come in a variety of sizes to fit different sizes to fit the various different diameters. Think of them as a splatter guard for stoves.

Since you will undoubtedly have different sized frying pans, saucepans etc., it makes sense to buy both small and large sized splatter guards too and thankfully many stores sell them as sets so you can buy a selection to suit all different requirements.

Regular round frying pan, wok and saucepan splatter covers come in a variety of sizes but also styles too.

There are three main things to look for however: standing feet, folding handles and your choice between metal mesh or silicone. Each is featured below with the best rated buying choices as rated by our testers and real owners.

Folding Handle Splatter Screens

A Round frying pan splatter screen with a collapsing handle folds in half and is much, much easier to stow away in a kitchen drawer or cabinet when it is not required for use.

Whilst this may not seem like a big deal on smaller covers, the extra space taken up by several inches of handle on a large 20″ splatter screen can be quite significant.

In my opinion, all guards like these should come with folding handles as it makes them so much easier to put away in a kitchen of any size.

Splatter Screen Sets

Unless you are a really minimalist cook, the chances are you have lots of different pots, frying pans, skillets, perhaps a wok or two etc. which all would benefit from a splatter screen but are all different sizes.

Whilst some people are happy with using one large splatter cover for all their cooking needs regardless of how ungainly and unstable it is on the smaller pans, other would rather go with the convenience of using something of the right size for each cooking pan.

A set of splatter screens can save your money when you buy multiple sizes all at once and they’ll all match if you buy them all at one time.

A alternative is to go with one of the multiple size screens for oil splatter which are designed to fit snugly over multiple sized pans without the instability of using cover which is too big for the task at hand.

Square Splatter Screens For Cooking

A regular oil splash cover is typically round because saucepans, cooking pots and frying pans are themselves generally circular in shape.

If, however, you are cooking with a square grill pan, or a square skillet, panini pan etc. then you are better off with a square splatter screen to prevent oil and grease splashing everywhere.

Square mesh covers allow you to still see inside the pan so you can check the status of your simmering sauces whilst protecting your stovetop, counters and clothing from splashing and spattering oil, grease and sauces.

The following selection of square mesh splatter guards are all designed to fit over square grill pans, skillets and etc. in varying sizes.

Silicone Splatter Screens

Mesh metal splatter guards for woks, frying pans, saucepans etc. are great but can be hard to clean better all those little holes.

Silicone splatter guards on the other hand are very easy to clean and the good ones are just as sturdy as a metal cover.

The only advantage mesh has over silicone covers for preventing boil over and messy oil and grease clean ups is that it is easier to see the progress of your food cooking with a mesh cover because of all the tiny little holes.

Silicone oil splash guards also have holes to allow steam to escape but these are larger and spaced further apart so you have to lift the cover to look underneath.

Regardless of this, the easy to clean nature makes them a popular choice in the kitchen.

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