The Best Meat Grinders for Home Use in 2023!

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Last Updated on June 27, 2023

The Best Meat Grinders for Home Use (UPDATED 2023)

Do you need to purchase the best meat grinder for your home kitchen, or even a new restaurant or butcher’s shop and need to know what’s worth the investment and what’s total garbage? Then this is the article to read as I’ve owned and operated almost every meat grinder ever made. So you’ll not only get real reviews, but some tips to help you make the right choice the first time depending on exactly what it is you are needing to use a meat grinder for.

Do you love to get creative with meat recipes in the kitchen but need real advice on which is the best meat grinder for your money? Are you looking for the perfect kitchen gadget to make delicious restaurant-quality meat dishes? Would you just like a way to break down lots of meat quickly and easily? A meat grinder is a great tool for creating a wide variety of interesting and dynamic dishes from scratch.

Add one of the best meat slicers from our list here, and you could literally open your own commercial butcher shop!

Our Top Picks

Best Meat Grinder For The Money: LEM “Big Bite” 1 HP Stainless Steel Electric Grinder

With their “big bite auger” this LEM maker is the best overall machine and can grind pretty much anything you need, and in large batches! This is a professional machine that costs $500 plus.

Best Budget Meat Grinder: Sunmile SM-G33 Electric Meat Grinder

When you want an elecic meat grinder but you also want to save some cash, this is the best budget option. Perfect for making sausages and dog food in small batches.

Best Meat Grinder for Home Use: STX Megaforce 3000

This air cooled unit is a perfect starter grinder and can handle small home meat grinding tasks with ease. But NOT for grinding a lot of bones.

Best Meat Grinder for Bones: LEM “Big Bite” 1 HP Stainless Steel Electric Grinder

Yes, this is the second time I’ve mentioned this grinder. But it’s also the ONLY one I recommend for grinding bones with any consistency.

The Meat Grinder Reviews You Need to Read!

1. LEM “Big Bite” 1 HP Stainless Steel Electric Grinder

LEM Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder

I was attracted to the LEM 1 HP grinder because it offered a unique “big bite auger” design to grind meat quickly and easily without getting stuck. It works great! One of my biggest fears about buying a meat grinder was purchasing something that wouldn’t grind large amounts of meat in one session. But what I have come to learn after trying a lot of meat grinders is that pretty much anything by the LEM brand is high quality and a safe purchase.

And as advertised, this machine is great for heavy duty use. I can use it for larger portions of meat and it grinds just about anything much faster than I expected; apparently it can make up to 550 pounds of ground meat per hour! This is a great feature if you have a large family or you’re a hunter looking to grind and package a large amount of meat in a short amount of time.

My biggest complaint with this machine is that it is HEAVY – over 60 pounds. I don’t recommend it if you’re someone who can’t lift very much but may need to move it around by yourself. However, if you have the designated counter space for it, it’s a really great highly powerful meat grinder that has everything you could need, including a meat stomper, three stainless steel plates, and three stuffing tubes.


  • Fast and powerful
  • Variable accessories
  • Hard to overheat


  • Heavy to lift
  • Somewhat expensive

2. Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

During the shopping phase, this sleek-looking meat grinder appeared to have everything I could want (at an affordable price), including three different grinding plates and sausage makers. I liked that the capacity tray was very large, meaning that this machine can hold and process a large amount of meat at one time.

I’m a very busy person and I like to keep things simple; that’s why I found the single button design extremely handy and convenient. Upon shopping for a meat grinder, I knew I wanted to make lots of sausages, so I was sold on the three different sausage attachments which made it the best horizontal sausage stuffer I could find.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a few issues with this meat grinder. For one, the meat pusher is plastic, which was kind of disappointing. While the description says it can have a “max locked power” of 800 watts, it seems to only do 400 watts, which isn’t a whole lot of power for grinding meat. Additionally, most of the pieces are NOT dishwasher safe and can get easily ruined (if you like to keep things as sanitary as possible, look for stainless steel).

Overall, I only recommend this meat grinder if you’re on a budget and don’t plan on using it very frequently. Avoid it if you don’t like hand cleaning and are worried about lower-quality parts.


Good ventilation/circuit breaker


Extra features for making sausages


  • Plastic pieces
  • Not as powerful as many competitors

3. STX International STX-3000-MF Megaforce Electric Meat Grinder

When deciding whether or not to buy this product, I was sold on the fact that it has a patented air cooling system. Being somewhat clumsy in the kitchen, one thing I was worried about was my new meat grinder getting too hot and shutting down or catching fire. I knew I wanted something that would be able to quickly self-cool. I also like the fact that it came with lots of extra features, including a Kubbe and three sausage stuffing tubes.

This STX meat grinder is listed to have 3000 watts of power, but I seem to have some issues with this grinder, especially when it comes to grinding chicken or lots of meat at once. It seems to stop working frequently even when I think I’m doing everything right. It definitely can’t do bones, so I wouldn’t recommend this if you want a meat grinder for raw feeding your pets.

I only recommend this product if you’re looking for something that comes with everything you need to get started if you’re interested in beginning to grind your own meat. You get the full experience and the overall quality of the product isn’t bad. However, it seems to have some issues with running power and grinding a large amount of meat. And if you want to know more about this grinder, see our full STX 3000 review here.


  • Patented air cooling system
  • Lots of extra features and accessories
  • High wattage


  • Struggles with large amounts of meat
  • Does not grind bones

4. LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel “Countertop” Electric Meat Grinder

I was attracted to the overall design and additional features of this meat grinder, including the stainless steel knife and variety of steel plates and stuffing tubes (three each in different sizes). It also came with a warranty which made me happy because I was a little bit worried about something going wrong down the road.

I love this LEM meat grinder! It’s super easy to use and I can grind all USDA types of meat, including beef chuck and pork butt, with very little effort! I love that it’s stainless steel so I know that everything gets thoroughly sanitized after I’m done washing it.

It’s fairly heavy; not as heavy as others I’ve used but still enough to make note of (it weighs about 47 pounds). I don’t really mind because this tells me it’s probably well-made with lots of metal. It also has a built-in circuit breaker which can give peace of mind to anyone who’s worried about overheating being an issue. I highly recommend this product for its overall quality and reliability.


  • Powerful and heavy-duty
  • Low risk of overheating
  • Fast and easy to use/clean


  • Somewhat heavy
  • Somewhat expensive

5. STX International STX-3000-TF Turboforce 3-Speed Electric Meat Grinder

“The STX Turboforce meat grinder had everything I was looking for, and more: three different cutting blades, three different grinding blades, sausage stuffing tubes, Kubbe attachment, and even speed options. I love getting creative in the kitchen and making new and interesting recipes from scratch. I decided to get the Turboforce because it had features that would allow me to have full control for texture and consistency.

To my disappointment, none of the parts can be washed in the dishwasher. This is similar to my Magimix food processor. While hand washing isn’t that big of a deal for me, it might be for some people who are busy and want something that is more easily sanitized (for example, something stainless steel rather than polished cast aluminum).

As for actually grinding meat, it works fairly well, but only if you’re grinding smaller pieces of meat and definitely not bones. You also have to be careful with partially frozen meat. I don’t recommend this meat grinder if you’re planning on grinding lots of meat frequently (for example, if you’re a hunter or someone who makes raw food for your pet).


  • Lots of extra features and attachments
  • Fairly powerful for basic meat grinding
  • Not as heavy as other competitors


  • Many parts are plastic
  • Will not grind bones

How to Choose the Best Meat Grinder

[toc]Cooling. Electric grinders, especially products with lots of wattages, can get hot and even overheat without proper cooling. The best meat grinders will be designed to maximize cooling and limit the risk of overheating after an extended period of use. For example, they may have a built-in fan system or heat-sensitive circuit breaker.

You should always follow the instructions for the specific meat grinder you have and know the recommendations for how long it can be used in one session. Chances are, the machine will need a break after long periods of grinding.

Capacity. Some meat grinders have higher capacity trays and tubes than others, so you’ll need to shop based on your preference for portion size. If you like making things in big batches or working with larger cuts of meat, you’ll need to look for meat grinders that can hold a large amount of meat with heavy-duty blades and wide stuffing tubes.

Wattage. Wattage or output power can vary from 400 watts to 3000 watts or more. A meat grinder with a higher wattage will generally be able to grind tough meat more efficiently and quickly. However, more wattage means more risk for overheating. If you’d like an extremely high-powered meat grinder, make sure it has a sufficient cooling system or breaker design for safety.

Variability. Different meat grinders may have multiple options for speed, grinding plates or cutting blades, sausage makers, and additional accessories. Grinding plates that come in different sizes and designs will allow you to grind meat in different textures, including fine, medium, and coarse. “Less powerful” meat grinders at around 500 watts can still grind meat and other ingredients with success, especially if they’re well-built and consistently maintained.

Function and design. Like any household product, you’ll want to choose a meat grinder that’s durable and long-lasting. It should be made with sturdy and easily sanitized materials, such as stainless steel.

Avoid meat grinders with lots of plastic parts, as these tend to break more easily and are more difficult to keep clean. The only thing more difficult is cleaning my knife block.

Features and extras

If you’re looking for a meat grinder with lots of options, consider products that have multiple innovative attachments and features. Here is a list of special qualities to look out for:

  • Large meat tray
  • Stainless steel plates in multiple designs for fine to coarse textures
  • Different sized stuffing tubes
  • Beaner plate (for stuffing sausages)
  • Stainless steel blades
  • A high-quality meat pusher (for safely pushing the meat through the tube when grinding)
  • Kubbe attachment (for making a type of Middle Eastern meat dish with a unique shell)

What are the Advantages of Owning a Meat Grinder?

A meat grinder is a great purchase for anyone who enjoys cooking homemade recipes from scratch. With a high-quality and reliable meat grinder, you’ll be able to make hamburger and sausages from healthy cuts of meat that you purchase straight from the butcher.

Why does this matter? Because you get full control over what goes into the foods you eat by getting them straight from their source and transferred directly to your kitchen. A lot of store-bought pre-ground raw meat is already full of unnecessary preservatives; by grinding your own meat, you’ll know exactly what gets put into it.

By buying fresher, whole pieces of meat and grinding them yourself, there’s also a good chance you’ll notice a huge taste difference in flavor and moisture. When it comes to quality and control, homemade is usually best!

Creativity and Versatility

With a meat grinder, you have the chance at being much more creative with your recipes. You can blend together different varieties of meat (for example, sirloin with rib steak or chuck) and you can experiment with flavor combinations that suit your tastes. Without a meat grinder, you’d just be using plain old ground meat with limitations in fat content and texture and you’d probably end up using a meat injector just to get some juice in your meats.

Have you been getting tired of boring beef burgers? You can use your meat grinder to change up your favorite burger recipes with ground pork or chicken instead! Choose a meat base according to your cravings and add in the flavors you love.

Owning a meat grinder has more advantages aside from getting creative with ground meat recipes. A grinder isn’t limited to meats! They can also be used to grind fruits and vegetables into bite-sized pieces or blended into relishes, pastes, or powders for baking.

Here’s a list of ideas for the different types of recipes you can create using your meat grinder:

  1. Homemade sausages
  2. Homemade burger patties
  3. Homemade meatloaf and meatballs
  4. Ground nuts for toppings
  5. Pureed fruit for sorbet
  6. Smooth and creamy sauces, dips, and relishes
  7. Potato or root vegetable hash

Your options are virtually endless with a meat grinder!

What’s the Best Way to Uses a Meat Grinder?

With a meat grinder, you have a huge variety of options for what types and cuts of meat you can grind, from beef chuck to pork loin and even lamb shoulder.

Because beef is most commonly used for meat grinders, here are a few tips for understanding what the names of different types of steak cuts and cuts of beef actually mean:

Brisket: Often used in BBQ, corned beef, or pastrami because it’s packed with flavor but tough, so it’s great for slow cooking or braising.

Ribs: Well-marbled (marbling refers the fat found in a piece of meat) and flavorful, ribs are some of the most succulent cuts of meat that you can cook quickly and easily on a grill.

Loin (including sirloin, tenderloin, and strip steak): Loin is the most tender cut of beef you can get (although not quite as marbled as ribs) and often the most expensive.

Round: Round steak is packed with lots of flavors but it’s also less tender than loin and rib cuts. It can be fairly inexpensive and works well for quick-cooking, grinding, and using in marinades.

Chuck: Chuck cuts are considered to be “lesser quality” cuts of beef because they’re tougher (from being located around the shoulders of the animal). However, they’re cheaper and especially ideal for grinding into hamburger and sausage.

A good way to start choosing which meats to grind is to consider flavor, tenderness, fat, and quality. Start by grinding one part “tougher” meat, such as untrimmed brisket or chuck, and blend it with one part “tenderer” meat, such as sirloin or boneless short ribs.

A note about sausages: If you love trying different varieties of sausage, a meat grinder is the perfect addition to your kitchen. You can blend together any types of meats, including pork, chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, and venison to create delicious homemade recipes, such as summer sausage (OSU).

Understand the Types of Meat Grinders

Some meat grinders are electric, while others are manual. Additionally, some are brand-specific attachments while others are standalone products. With manual meat grinders, you don’t have to rely on a power source and you get the satisfaction of grinding meat with your own strength. However, you may not get the consistency you want and manual grinding may get tiresome for larger-scale sessions. Electric grinders come with more versatility and speed so you can get the most out of your grinder with much less hassle.

Some brands of food processors and blenders may also be able to grind meats, but a meat grinder is designed specifically for the purpose of efficiently breaking down meat. Overall, if you’re thinking about grinding your own meat on a long-term basis, opt for a reliable electric meat grinder to get the most out of your purchase.

Meat Grinder Safety

Meat grinders have a bad rap. Even if you’re someone who tends to be “clumsy” in the kitchen, using a meat grinder isn’t dangerous as long as you follow the proper instructions for use, cleaning, and maintenance. Stay alert, follow the instructions, and ensure you’re using the machine properly without risking injury (OSHA). If you plan on using your meat grinder frequently, look for a sturdy and durable product with a warranty. This is because a higher quality product will be easier to use safely and consistently.

Grind Correctly

Meat grinders are fairly easy to use for anyone with any cooking experience or skill level. Grinding tends to heat up the meat, which isn’t ideal if you’re not ready to cook. One way to deal with this is to partially freeze the cuts of meats you’re using before you actually put them through the grinder. This will work best if you pre-slice the cuts of meat into chunks. Before grinding, you should also trim the excess fat off of the meat to help with the grinding process.

Also, be sure that your meat ingredients don’t warm up too much as they can start to grow bacteria. Use one of the best instant read thermometers we have listed here to always be sure everything is at the temperature it should be.

When it comes to using your electric grinder, the first thing you should do is make sure it’s properly assembled. Following the provided instructions, choose your desired grinding plate and feed the trimmed meat into tube. Turn on the machine and grind away! Keep an eye on the meat to ensure it doesn’t clog and always thoroughly clean your machine and its parts after every single use.

Clean Correctly

It’s often recommended that you grind a piece of bread after you finish grinding the meat, which helps to get all of the meat out of the blender. You’ll need to follow the instructions for the specific meat grinder you’re using; some machines have pieces that are dishwasher safe while others can only be manually cleaned.

You may be worried about the convenience and complexity of cleaning your new meat grinder. While it’s not quite as simple as cleaning some other basic kitchen appliances, a meat grinder can still be thoroughly and safely cleaned by anyone who follows the proper method for disassembling and sanitation.

Choose the Perfect Grinder for Your Needs with the Best Meat Grinder Reviews

The winner for this lineup of meat grinders comes from LEM; a tie between the LEM 22 Lb 1 HP Stainless Steel Electric Grinder and the LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder. Both are very similar; the 1 HP LEM has more power and a larger meat tray, but it’s also heavier and more expensive. The LEM .75 HP is more affordable and has the same additional features, but with a smaller construction. The one you choose should be based on how you’d like to use the meat grinder, your budget, and personal preference for features and design.

Whether you’re a butcher, hunter, home chef, or someone who raw feeds their pets – a meat grinder can be an incredibly useful tool. Consider purchasing an electric grinder with multiple functions and a heavy-duty design with stainless steel parts. Grinding meat is a great way to make healthy and creative homemade meals, so shop for a grinder that you can rely on for years to come.

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