After falling out of favor, the cast-iron skillets are back. And not just skillets, but all types of cast iron cookware.

Today, a cast-iron skillet is essential in any kitchen because it allows you to cook anything which needs to be prepared in a pan and can be moved from stovetop to oven, dealing with extreme heat.

In this ultimate guide, I have selected some of the best cast-iron skillets and a buyer’s guide to help you choose the best skillets for every type of cook.

Let’s get started with the best cast-iron skillets of 2020.

Best Cast-iron Skillets 2020

Product Size Check Price
T-fal Pre-Seasoned Nonstick Skillet
Top Pick
10.25″ Check Price
Lodge 10.25-inch Skillet
Runner Up
12.00″ Check Price
VonShef Pre-Seasoned 3-Piece Set
Best Budget
12.00″ Check Price
Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet
High End
13.75″ Check Price
Lodge Miniature Skillet
12.00″ Check Price
Tramontina Gourmet Enameled Grill Pan
Best Grill
13.75″ Check Price
Lodge 3.2 Quart Covered Skillet
Best Deep
12.00″ Check Price

Cast-iron Skillets Reviews

Let’s get into the details of each cast-iron skillets.

T-fal Nonstick Skillet