Best Blender for the Money in 2023

best blender for the money

Last Updated on June 27, 2023

Buy the BEST Blender That Will Last a Lifetime?

This is a list created to help you find the very best blender for your money, one that will last for a very long time. Let’s face it, many of the appliances being sold in your local store or on the web are complete junk. Most of them will last a few days. Why buy something that isn’t going to last at least as long as you do. Or worse, is unsafe and starts an electrical fire or shocks you when you’re blending something.

Buying a good blender can make the difference between a quality meal or drink, and total failure. Blenders are very versatile, allowing you to blend, puree, chop, and liquefy pretty much anything.

The quality and strength of your blender will determine what you’re able to do with it. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at the buying factors to consider before buying a blender and four products that we think are really worth your time. They all scored highly on Amazon as well as us personally, and that’s a really good indication of quality.

The blenders listed are the ones that had the best reviews from various sources as well as our own input. No price range considerations were made while compiling the list. As a result, the options below include only the top of the line blenders that offer the most power, and the most features.

If you just want the best possible blender continue reading…

Blendtec TB-621-20 Total Blender Review

Blendtec Total Blender

Blendtec Total Blender ReviewThis is one blender that’s worth its price in gold. The Blendtec Professional’s Choice Total Blender has everything you need, including enough power for even the most daunting tasks.

The 3 horsepower direct drive motor is one of the most powerful in the world, and with digital controls, making changes to the blend settings is easy. The blade spins at an amazing 29,000 RPM, for effortless ice crushing and blending of coarse foods.

The two quart blending jar with secure lid is big enough for whole families. It’s more than just a blender, it’s an all in one kitchen miracle! You can replace nine other kitchen appliances with this one blender, and the performance will last for years and years. SmartTouch technology automatically starts and stops blending so your recipes turn out perfect every time.

The 2 quart square shape of the blending jar creates a powerful vortex that micronizes fruits and vegetables for super smooth results that rivals even the best masticating juicers. Ice is turned into snow in a matter of seconds. For the cost and reliability, you can’t do much better than this blender. It’s a bit cheaper than the Vitamix CIA and provides outstanding results.

The BPA-free container is made of polycarbonate and holds 48 ounces just like the water filtration pitchers we reviewed here. The pitcher is designed to create a vortex that ensures efficient blending. It features an ergonomic handle with soft-touch controls. The pitcher’s lid is spill-proof and has a removable plug. Owners will appreciate that the blender cleans easily. They will also appreciate the 7-year warranty period.

This countertop blender does it all. It can make smoothies, cappuccinos, bread dough and a host of other things. The blender is so versatile; it can be a replacement for several other kitchen appliances. The Blendtec brings the commercial-quality found in juice bars inside the home. The blender has 1,560 watts and 3.0 (peak) horsepower, direct-drive motor.

Operating this blender is as easy as pushing a button. The blender has a digital touchpad with six pre-programmed buttons. Each button corresponds to a blending speed. The Smart-Touch Tech-nology makes preparing food easy. It automatically speeds up and slows down to draw ingredients into the blades. The blender has six program cycles. When the cycle is complete, the blender automatically shuts off. The 2-prong, stainless steel blade is powerful enough to crush ice.

The jar has a large and unique, four-sided design. It can hold 64 ounces. The polycarbonate jar is BPA-free and comes with a vented lid. The jar has measurement markings and a large handle. The blender’s buttons are coated to make clean up easy. The blade and jar can be cleaned with soap and water. The blender is compact to fit on or underneath the kitchen counter. It comes with a recipe book.

Product Features:

  • 3 Horsepower Direct Drive Motor
  • Digital Controls
  • Six Speeds
  • 29,000 RPM Stainless Steel Blade
  • Two Quart Square Blending Jar
  • SmartTouch Technology
  • Recipe Book With Over 100 Easy Recipes
  • 3 Year Motor Warranty/1 Year Jar Warranty

Final Analysis:


  • Super powerful 3 horsepower motor
  • Digital settings make changing between the six speeds easy
  • No decorative grooves on the inside of the jar make it easy to get “every last bit out”
  • Blends tough foods in a way that weaker blenders can’t
  • Outstanding performance that rivals the Vitamix
  • Compact – Doesn’t take up as much space as the Vitamix
  • Smoothies come out perfect with no chunks
  • Blender automatically shuts itself off after the cycle is through, allowing you to work on other things while blending
  • Great for fresh vegetable juices with the added benefit of the fiber


  • A little bit too loud for some folks
  • Not as long of a warranty as the Vitamix

Vitamix 1363

Vitamix 1363 review

The Vitamix 1363 is a multi-tasking blender that has the ability to chop, puree, grind, blend and juice. This blender is a collaborative effort between the Chef’s Institute of America and Vitamix. Its powerful 20-horsepower motor moves the blades at a maximum speed of 240 miles per hour. The speed control dial has ten speed settings. The stainless steel, laser cut blade that comes in a one-piece assembly.

The speed control dial has ten speed settings. The variety of speeds gives users a selection of settings that can determine how fine or coarse a food is chopped. The 64-ounce, polycarbonate jar is large enough to hold a substantial amount. It is also designed to create a vortex that pushes food from the blades back to the center of the container for optimal blending just like some of the vitamix e320 reviews I’ve read. The BPA-free container is shatterproof and has an easy-grip handle.

This blender delivers an impressive performance and appearance. The base is completely constructed from metal and has a brushed aluminum faceplate. Owners of the blender will appreciate how easy it is to clean.

Vitamix CIA Professional Series Review

When people think of high quality blenders, Vitamix is the brand they trust most. With a 2+ horsepower motor and 64 ounce capacity pitcher, it’s able to make quick work of chopping, blending, pureeing, and liquefying pretty much anything. The pitcher lid is spill-proof and vented and has a removable plug.

With laser cut, stainless steel blades that run at speeds of nearly 240 MPH, this is one blender that really makes its mark. It crushes ice in mere seconds, leaving you with smooth ice for frozen drinks and smoothies. It features an all metal inside design that will last for years and years. Your choice between 10 different speeds allow you to choose the setting that’s perfect for you. An easy on/off switch makes turning the blender on and off a snap.

The blender pitcher creates a huge vortex that ensures all pieces of food get blended perfectly. Homemade dips, soups, and sauces are a breeze. An included instructional CD and owners manual make learning how to use the CIA easy as 1-2-3. Impressive!

Product Features:

  • 2+ Horsepower Motor
  • 64 Ounce Vented/Spillproof Pitcher
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Blades
  • 10 Different Speeds
  • Easy To Use Front Control Panel
  • Included Instruction CD And Owners Manual
  • Vitamix World Renowned Quality
  • 7 Year Warranty

Final Analysis:


  • Makes incredible smoothies and is able to puree soups, make dips, and even crush ice!
  • Save lots of money over the cost of going out to eat
  • Included recipe book features over 300 easy to make recipes
  • Vitamix stands behind their 7 year warranty
  • Commercial quality machine that’s perfect for home use
  • Lasts for many years, blowing away the competition
  • Save lots of time in the kitchen because you don’t have to chop produce
  • Seasoned cooks will appreciate the versatility of this blender


  • A bit expensive for some people
  • Instructional DVD takes time to watch

KitchenAid KSB560TG 5-Speed Blender Review

This isn’t the most expensive blender in this article, but it’s still a high quality machine. The KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender with Polycarbonate Jar is made of die cast metal and has a stainless steel blade and coupler.

The .9 horsepower motor is powerful enough for even the toughest blending jobs. The pitcher is shatterproof and holds a total of 56 ounces. The automatic crush ice button allows you to crush ice easily, and the five speed settings and IntelliSpeed electronic sensor automatically adjusts the power to handle thicker blending. The lid of the jar has a 2 inch cap for adding ingredients while blending.

Advanced airflow allows the unit to stay cool while running and the CleanTouch control pad is super easy to clean. It’s available in more than just once color and can make the perfect addition to any household. The price is affordable, the performance is on par with more expensive blenders, and it’s a really great deal for the money. Our list of the best meat grinders also shows the best deals for you money, so be sure to check it out!

Product Features:

  • Die Cast Metal Design
  • .9 Horsepower Motor
  • 5 Speeds
  • 56 Ounce Shatter Resistant Pitcher
  • Automatic Ice Crush Button
  • IntelliSpeed for handling thick blending jobs
  • Clean Touch Control Pad
  • 1 Year Warranty – No Questions Asked

Final Analysis:


  • Lasts for a long time – High quality parts
  • Leak proof design
  • KitchenAid stands behind their 1 year warranty
  • Runs quiet unlike other blenders in its class
  • High performance for a reasonable price
  • Automatically pulses for nearly perfect ice crushing
  • Clean up is incredibly easy
  • No food sticking between the seal and the blade
  • Draining holes allow you to empty and remaining water after cleaning by turning it upside down
  • Unusual shape pulls everything into the blades for thorough blending


  • Pitcher may leak
  • A nut requires tightening from time to time

Waring MX1000R Professional

Waring MX1000R Professional

The Waring MX1000R is a heavy-duty blender. It has a three horsepower motor that can blend soups, beverages and sauces. The blender generates enough power for its two large paddles to crush ice. There are two speed settings, high and low, and a pulse setting. The different speeds are controlled by the paddle-shaped switches that are found on the base.

The square-shaped, polycarbonate pitcher is durable and can hold 64-ounces. For ease of use, the pitcher has a nonslip handle. The lid fits snuggly on the pitcher and has a removable, clear cap for adding ingredients. To prevent the pitcher from slipping, there is a removable pad that covers the base. The base has four legs that make moving the blender easy.

The blade assembly is attached to the pitcher and has some very sharp blades. Because of this, the blender should be cleaned with soapy water and a brush after it is used. The removable pad can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Margaritaville DM1000 Frozen Concoction Maker Review

If you want the perfect compliment to summer parties, consider the Margaritaville DM1000 Frozen Concoction Maker. It’s able to shave ice and blend 32 ounces of liquid.

It’s set to automatically mix the right amount of ice with each of your drinks, eliminating the possibility for error. You can access the controls from the front of the machine and its super easy to clean.

You simply add the ice into the top portion of the frozen concoction maker and add the other ingredients into the pitcher. Instead of crushing the ice, it shaves it, which is the key to making a great frozen drink. With this machine, you’re guaranteed to not have any lingering ice chunks to get in the way of your experience.

Overall, this is a high quality machine that lets you take center stage at a parties. It’s pricey but well made, scoring very high in the Amazon review scores with 4.5 out of 5 stars across 194 reviews. If you want to create the perfect summer get together, buying this machine will create frozen concoctions that will really wow your guests!

Product Features:

  • Makes The Perfect Frozen Drink
  • Front Access Controls
  • Drip Free Spout
  • Shaves Ice Instead Of Crushing It
  • 32 Ounce Blending Jar
  • Cordless Functionality
  • 1 Year Warranty

Final Analysis:


  • Unpacks and sets up in a matter of minutes out of the box!
  • Perfect for making margaritas
  • Easy to operate
  • Melted ice water is channeled into a holding tank – The water never mixes with the ice
  • Shaved, not crushed, ice makes wonderful frozen creations
  • Lots of fun at parties
  • Automatically mixes the right amount of ice into drinks
  • Allows you to select how many drinks to create
  • Easy to follow directions
  • Included battery lasts and lasts once fully charged


  • Shaved ice melts faster than crushed ice when touching warm surfaces
  • Only makes three drinks at a time

Blenders Buying Guide

Generally speaking, a high quality motor for blending everything you’ll ever need to will be between 1-3 horsepower. Anything more than that and you’re overdoing it. Anything less, and you may find the power to be lacking. Sticking within these general confines of horsepower will give you enough oomph to blend even the toughest of ingredients, including ice.

2. Durable Metal Construction

A metal constructed blender will do much better than a plastic one in terms of reliability. With plastic, the design may be too light, and the functionality of the blender may be compromised by using cheap plastic parts. A die cast metal blender is much more favorable than the plastic competition.

3. Large Capacity, Shatter Resistant Pitcher

This is a great feature to have, because inevitably, at some point you’re probably going to drop the blender pitcher. Ensuring that it’s shatter resistant will save you from having to replace the pitcher, or even worse, the whole blender altogether. Shatter resistant pitchers are nothing new, but not all models will have this feature. Also, look for pitchers that are large capacity, ensuring that blending large amounts of items takes less time. It’s a great feature, especially for families.

4. Name Brand Quality

Some great producers of blenders these days are Vitamix, BlendTec, KitchenAid, Breville, Cuisinart, Black and Decker, Ninja, and more. Picking one of these brands is a good indication of the top notch quality you’ll receive. But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can check out the tons of positive reviews on Amazon for yourself that outline the positive features of these blender brands.

5. Quiet Operation

As hard to believe as it may be, some blenders actually require hearing protection! It’s best to check the reviews to see how quiet your new blender will be. A quiet blender will allow you to operate it without disturbing your neighbors and bothering your ears.

6. Variable Speeds

Variable speeds will allow you to select the blending style that you need. With variable speeds, you’ll be able to chop, puree, crush ice, and more. Variable speeds are the major reason why you’re able to do so much with a blender. Blenders with variable speeds can replace food processors altogether and save you a lot of money.

7. Warranty

Any good blender from a reputable manufacturer will provide you with a warranty to cover any factory defects. A good blender is going to last long beyond the warranty period, but it’s still better to be safe than sorry.

8. Total Cost

With blenders made by name brand manufacturers, you usually get what you pay for. A blender that costs a couple hundred dollars is almost guaranteed to give you years and years of trouble free use. Vitamix blenders are this expensive for a reason, because they last. Same thing with BlendTec. You can expect these blenders to last for 10 years or more!

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